A Greek Cypriot woman received a 1,200TL (€38) fine on Wednesday after being found guilty of stealing from a supermarket in the north.

Police sergeant Huseyin Ergulec explained the sequence of events at the northern Nicosia district court, saying she had entered the Erulku supermarket in Neo Chorio on November 12 at around 8pm and stole a black Nike-branded sweatshirt worth 630TL (€19.85).

He explained that she then got into her car, before driving with the stolen sweatshirt into the Republic.

On November 24, she attempted to cross back into the north, and was arrested. She then confessed to her crime through a Greek speaking interpreter.

Judge Zehra Yalkut Bilgec said the woman had “no criminal record in the TRNC, and she is remorseful, and she confessed to her crime.”

She added that she wanted to give Charalambous a “second chance” and said that for that reason she would issue her a fine rather than sentence her to time in prison.