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Three Cryptos to keep an eye on in 2023: Meme Moguls, BNB, and Toncoin


At this point, many market analysts have agreed that 2023 will mark the beginning of another bull market. Although we’re only in the early stages, Meme Moguls, BNB, and Toncoin have emerged as top coins every investor should watch.

BNB has cleared the $250 resistance; How high can it go in 2023?

The price of BNB dropped under the $250 support level in June after the SEC filed a lawsuit against the Binance exchange. Since then, the altcoin has traded under this important psychological level. After months of consolidation, the BNB price surpassed $250 in November.

The 20-day EMA (acting as a support) and the RSI have indicated an advantage to buyers, putting the BNB coin in bullish territory. If the price holds above the 20-day EMA, the Binance Coin could rally to $265. If this level is cleared, the BNB coin level may surge as high as $285 in the coming weeks.

If the bullish sentiment gets to the 50-day EMA, the BNB price could rally to the $305 resistance before the end of 2023. For this momentum to be sustained, bulls must defend the $235 support level. However, the long-term sentiment has remained bullish, with a BNB price prediction of $521.84 by 2024.

Toncoin holds the $2.30 support, what’s the next price target?

Toncoin has been one of the most explosive cryptocurrencies over the last three months. The price of Toncoin increased to reach a 2023 high of $2.7 in November. Several bullish events supported the rally of TON. 

Most notable are the partnership with Telegram and the TON network becoming the world’s fastest and most scalable blockchain. The TON blockchain set a record of 104,715 transactions per second on October 31. While there has been a slowdown in activity, Toncoin traders have remained bullish.

Technical analysis has revealed that the Toncoin/USD pair has been stuck at a critical resistance level of $2.65. A break above this level will signal the continuation of the three-month-long bull market for Toncoin. If TON clears this resistance level (without dropping below the $2 support) bulls may target the $3 level in the coming days.

Meme Moguls catch the attention of investors

Another project that is worth adding to your watchlist is Meme Moguls (MGLS). The project has stirred the interest of investors because of its unique exchange. The project has introduced the world’s first meme-backed stock market/exchange. The Meme Moguls Exchange will feature meme coins as well as meme-based stocks. 

Exchange users will get the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade the top meme-based assets from across multiple markets. They will also be able to track the release of meme coins to maximize their returns. By bringing these interesting assets under a single innovative platform, Meme Moguls seeks to revolutionize how people see and interact with memes-based assets.

A big part of Meme Moguls is a virtual world called Mogul Land. In this metaverse, users can connect, mine tokens, join liquidity pools, and stake their tokens. If you’re interested in passive income, you can stake the Meme Moguls utility token called MGLS. 

By putting your MGLS in the staking pool, you can earn rewards, adding a financial incentive to your Meme Moguls experience. As this unique exchange gains traction, analysts have predicted up to a 20x price increase for MGLS. The MGLS is available for sale at just $0.0019 during the Beta stage of the presale. 

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