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After successful cultural projects, CFS Cyprus Film School joins forces with The Banished Inc. for cinematic advancement

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In a bid to revolutionize film education and nurture emerging talents, Aleksandr Shestov, the visionary owner and director of CFS Cyprus Film School Limited, and Irina Stepanova, the esteemed artistic director, have unveiled ambitious plans for global cinematic advancement in collaboration with The Banished Inc.

Aleksandr Shestov and Irina Stepanova, who made a significant impact on Latvian culture during their influential tenure at Riga Acting School No. 1 back in 2019, have been leading cultural development through film actor training in Cyprus for over a year. They shared their excitement about the evolution of CFS Cyprus Film School since its opening on the island in early 2022. Aleksandr Shestov and Irina Stepanova established the CFS Cyprus Film School, which swiftly emerged as a dynamic center of creativity. The school has rapidly become a hub of creativity, offering diverse courses, organizing master classes and cultural events, and engaging with a growing community of over 300 students.

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The CFS team

CFS Film School’s dedication extends far beyond education and filmmaking. Aleksandr Shestov made it clear, emphasizing their commitment to actively enriching the island’s cultural landscape, seeking to enhance Cyprus’s artistic vitality.

Irina Stepanova’s profound impact on enriching the cultural tapestry of the island and shaping the essence of CFS Cyprus Film School originates from her extensive journey that began at the Riga Film Studio in 2000. Her artistic prowess spans theater education, noteworthy productions in major Latvian and Russian theaters, participation in various film projects, and sharing acting expertise in esteemed institutions like the Jaroslavl Theatre Institute, the Eralash Academy, and the Baltic Film Academy in Riga.

Over the past year, CFS Cyprus Film School has delivered exceptional education while actively engaging in community-centric endeavors. Notably, the school orchestrated a successful two-week children’s film camp, crafted four remarkable short films, curated multiple cultural performances, and collaborated on over 10 projects involving children. These initiatives underscore their unwavering dedication to fostering creativity across diverse spheres.

Standout performances like ‘Chanel No. 1’ and ‘The One who Sews’ have earned praise from over 400 captivated viewers, attracting various media personalities for engagement.

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CFS, Fashion Museum in Riga, and Aleksandr Vasiliev

The triumph of successful performances provided the CFS Cyprus Film School team with a deeper understanding of the complexities and the immense effort required to reach such a pinnacle of success. After conducting a comprehensive analysis and collaborating with Mariia Strabykina, Founder and CEO of The Banished Inc., as well as Alisa Alferova, the Head of the Corporate Communications Department at The Banished Inc., CFS Film School has outlined areas for growth.

“We are inspired by our future developments and plans, believing that this collaboration will propel us to new heights in cinematography and film education,” said Aleksandr Shestov.

CFS Cyprus Film School and The Banished Inc. collaborate on Innovative Film Solution

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The goal of the collaboration between CFS Film School and The Banished Inc. is to establish Cyprus as a leading global cultural hub and drive the evolution of the film industry worldwide. The focus is on introducing innovative practices, simplifying film production procedures, and empowering both emerging talents and established professionals.

“Our solution aims to synchronize the company’s production with its audience, making processes more understandable and manageable. This allows a greater number of films to achieve success and reduces dramatic scenarios that sometimes arise due to the complexity of the production process,” said Alisa Alferova, the Head of the Corporate Communications Department at The Banished Inc.

“We are passionate about fostering cultural growth, ensuring safety, and enhancing the success of filmmakers in the projects they pour their hearts, time, and energy into. Our specially curated performances mirror our dedication to enriching Cyprus’s art scene and the film industry at large,” noted Irina Stepanova, highlighting the collaborative effort between the two companies aimed at elevating the island’s cultural sphere and film development.

“That’s precisely why we’re thrilled about the prospect of contributing to the development of such a product,” added Irina Stepanova.

The partnership between CFS Cyprus Film School and The Banished Inc. promises a cultural revival on the island. It aims to make Cyprus a more developed and accessible platform for foreign cinematographers and address global industry challenges worldwide.


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