The deputy culture ministry on Tuesday invited the public to attend four Christmas events that will be held on December 16 at the state gallery of contemporary art on Stasinou avenue.

This will come in the form of four concurrent events, or stations, running across the same day, consisting of creative workshops.

“In a festive atmosphere, young and old will have the opportunity to share personal stories, explore and experiment with a variety of visual materials and techniques, creating original prints, wrapping their own unique gifts and making new unusual costumes for Santa Claus,” a written announcement said.

“At the same time, they will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive creative movement workshop accompanied by live Christmas music.”

Anyone can participate in one or more stations of their choice. The limited number of participants is 35, on a first come first served basis. Participation is free, and those interested can register by filling out this form.

The first station, “My favourite Christmas”, will prompt participants to translate their favourite Christmas memories onto paper using printmaking techniques. The maximum number of participants per session will be seven.

The second will be a creative movement workshop for children set to festive music, with a maximum of ten participants per session.

The third station will be a toy exchange, where children will be able to bring toys they are no longer using, and get involved in wrapping them and giving them to others as gifts.

The workshop is aimed at families with children aged 4-10 and participation can take place throughout the Christmas event. A condition for participation is that all participants bring with them an old small toy or small object that they would like to exchange with another person.

The fourth and final workshop will encourage children to take inspiration from the work displayed at the gallery and use provided materials to come up with a new suit for Santa Claus.

The workshop is aimed at children aged 5-12 and participation can take place throughout the implementation of the Christmas activity.

Christmas treats will be offered to all participants.