Agriculture Minister Petros Xenophontos on Tuesday said that works have shown some deviations from the Akamas plan and need to be investigated.

A recent environmental and administrative investigation into the plan sparked significant debate and concerns regarding the development and conservation efforts in the area.

The result of the investigation, carried out by the environmental department, revealed various irregularities and discrepancies that have raised eyebrows among environmentalists and officials alike.

The investigation primarily highlighted issues with the environmental impact assessment for the Akamas park sustainable management plan.

It underscored discrepancies between the ecological evaluation and the subsequent environmental approval granted for the project.

The environment department’s decision to greenlight the project despite alterations and intensified groundworks raised questions about the accuracy and legitimacy of initial assessments.

Moreover, the results of the investigation pointed out the lack of systematic execution of construction work within the forest park.

The absence of a phased approach in the groundwork led to significant disturbances and potential hazards to the environment.

Concerns were also raised about the incomplete sections of the roads, posing risks during adverse weather conditions.

Xenophontos on Tuesday emphasised that the findings of this administrative investigation would significantly aid in addressing two key priorities: the restoration of the environment by halting unnecessary construction activities, and the meticulous completion of the project with well-planned, careful, and phased steps.

The minister acknowledged the deviations from the stipulated procedures and stressed the need for enhanced collaboration between concerned departments to prevent oversights and errors.

He also reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to preserving the area’s natural beauty while ensuring that all projects align with this fundamental principle.

The result of the investigation triggered a call for revaluation and stricter adherence to environmental protocols in the development of the Akamas forest park, as it emphasised the delicate balance between conservation and development, echoing the government’s commitment to protect Cyprus’ natural heritage while fostering sustainable growth.