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Renowned trader, accurate with Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK) forecasts, reveals a new 30x Crypto in the making


The hunt for the next big altcoin sensation continues in the crypto market. Renowned for their spot-on predictions with Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK), a master trader has emerged, teasing the crypto community with insights into a potential new 30x gem. 

This revelation has sparked curiosity and excitement among traders. Today, we will review all three tokens and determine what makes the new crypto appealing. 

Solana (SOL) price prediction 

Recently, Coinpedia announced a price prediction for Solana (SOL) to $180 by 2024. With the current Solana price at $62, achieving the projected $180 valuation demands a 190% growth. However, historical analysis shows the rarity of Solana reaching such heights, considering it hasn’t attained that level since January 2022. 

Assessing Solana’s market metrics further emphasizes the obstacles ahead. With a current market cap resting at $26B, the projected leap to $180 demands a substantial jump to a $76B market cap. 

Despite recent developments such as adding the SOL/EUR trading pair, there is still skepticism about the plausibility of SOL achieving the predicted price by 2024.

Chainlink (LINK) bullish price forecast 

According to Digital Coin Price’s latest prediction, Chainlink (LINK) is anticipated to soar to an impressive $40 by 2024. But, scrutinizing the current market dynamics reveals substantial challenges on the path to this projected valuation. 

With the Chainlink price at $15.64, achieving the forecasted $40 mark demands a significant 155% surge within the designated time frame. This considerable growth requirement doubts the feasibility of LINK reaching this ambitious price target.

Furthermore, evaluating Chainlink’s market cap adds another layer of complexity. At $8.7B, achieving the projected $40 valuation necessitates a substantial leap to a $22B market cap. This has prompted many traders to explore alternative projects with greater growth potential.

Exploring the future 30x gem 

While Solana and Chainlink price predictions are bullish, they are hindered by the need for a large market cap. This means many new funds need to be injected into the tokens. Tokens with smaller market caps do not face this problem. The trader has noticed one such token – Everlodge (ELDG), the unique property marketplace on the blockchain.

On this marketplace, everyday investors may become fractional owners of a high-dn property on the blockchain. Currently, the project is in Stage 7 of its presale, with one ELDG token worth just $0.025 – a 150% ROI from its starting price. Most importantly, it has a market cap of $13M – lower than Solana and Chainlink. 

With features such as an AI tool that will monitor and scan property prices all over the globe, Everlodge has the potential to dominate the trillion-dollar real estate market. Because of this, experts remain bullish as they forecast a 30x growth for ELDG after it lands on exchanges. Essentially, ELDG could leave both Solana and Chainlink in the dust. 


For more information about Everlodge (ELDG) please visit their website.


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