Thank you for your front page exposure on December 10 about the extremely unfair discrepancy in taxes between Aphrodite Hills, Ha Potami and Kouklia.

I have personally written to community leader Michalakis Nicolaou on several occasions about this unfairness and to ask him to at least spend some of his ill gained money by sweeping the pavements clear of dangerous tree debris and keeping the road drains clear. I do not understand what property sizes have to do with cleaning pavements and roads. Needless to say I have never had the courtesy of a reply.
Nicolaou calls Aphrodite Hills and Ha Potami “tourist zones“ whatever that implies in assessing taxes . Many of us are full time residents.

I hope the Paphos district officer, Mary Lambrou, will continue with her efforts with the uncooperative Kouklia council which she says is “among the most difficult of the 100 villages and communities in the Paphos district“.

Julia Hope , Adonis Village . Aphrodite Hills