A 58-year-old prison guard who was arrested in possession of drugs while driving to his shift has been suspended from his post, media reported on Wednesday.

This concerns the second drug-related arrest of a prison guard recorded in the past few weeks.

The recent arrest took place after officers, following a tip-off, stopped the car of the 58-year-old prison guard for a check in the area near parliament on Wednesday morning.

A search that was conducted in the car revealed drugs and alcoholic beverages. An unspecified quantity of drugs was also found during a subsequent check at his residence.

In total 15 papers of A4 size believed to be infused with synthetic cannabinoids were found in the possession of the prison guard, AlphaNews reported. Authorities are examining whether he was supplying them to the prisons.

This arrest comes about five weeks after a 45-year-old prison guard was also arrested following a search of his vehicle which revealed an envelope containing nine A4 papers infused with synthetic cannabinoids.

During investigation, it emerged the papers were intended for a particular inmate serving a lengthy sentence in the central prisons. Testimony surfaced against two other individuals, aged 56 and 31, who were interrogated.

According to media information, these particular adhesive papers are cut into 400-500 pieces and sold illegally inside the prison for a hefty fee.