The finance ministry said on Wednesday it will decide within the next two days whether or not to approve the opening of 56 new job positions at the Health Insurers’ Organisation (HIO).

The HIO had included the 56 new positions in its budget for 2024, though such matters are subject to the finance ministry’s approval.

The announcement of the impending decision was made by the ministry following a meeting between Finance Minister Makis Keravnos and high-level members of the HIO.

Sources told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA) that Keravnos “gave reassurances that he supports and will support Gesy,” and that his ministry’s “first priority is ensuring the viability and operation of a modern health system, which will the meet people’s expectations.”

They added that the meeting was held “in a very good atmosphere”, and that the HIO’s representatives were “given the opportunity to detail their positions” regarding the 56 planned job openings.