The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) has issued a warning on Thursday about a notable increase in thefts targeting its electrical distribution network.

The thefts primarily focus on transformers located on wooden poles, aerial conductors of medium and low voltage lines within the EAC network, as well as equipment within the buildings of distribution substations. This includes switches, poles, doors, and entrances.

The EAC in its statement stressed that the act of removing equipment from its active network not only constitutes a criminal offence but also poses significant dangers.

“There is an immediate risk of electrocution for both those involved in removing the equipment and the broader public,” it said.

“Furthermore, these interventions in the EAC network may lead to damage to the electrical appliances of consumers.”

Collaborating with the police, the EAC added that measures are being implemented to prevent thefts and safeguard the integrity of the network. Technical and other precautions are also being taken to address the issue.

“The EAC urges the public to exercise caution and explicitly advises against entering the interior of a distribution substation from which the door has been removed,” the statement continued.

“Additionally, individuals are strongly discouraged from approaching damaged EAC networks or equipment.”

In the event that members of the public observe a missing door from an EAC distribution substation or notice suspicious activities involving individuals or vehicles near the EAC network without the organisation’s markings and logos, the statement encouraged immediate contact through the provided hotlines at 80006002 or 1800.