Contractors and real estate agents in the north have turned to upgrading and selling Turkish Cypriot properties over the last few weeks, it emerged on Wednesday.

According to a report in the Yenis Bakis, following the noise over Greek Cypriot properties being sold, contractors and real estate agents began focusing on selling Turkish Cypriot properties in Vasilia, Kyrenia.

Issues emerged last week that sales were being conducted in Ayios Amvrosios in addition to Trikomo.

The mayor of Ayios Amvrosios said that any sale or construction in the area was certainly illegal as there is no Turkish Cypriot land in the village.

According to the report, real estate agents said that they will continue to sell and build but focus on Turkish Cypriot land.

Investors in the market told the paper that when the negotiations in Crans-Montana in 2017 were ending they realised that no agreement on the Cyprus problem would be reached and therefore they bought Greek Cypriot properties and invested in them, without thinking at all that they would face such a problem.

Last week it emerged the police have gathered several written complaints from the Greek Cypriot landowners of properties in Trikomo, where well known Israeli businessman and CEO of the Afik Group, Yaacov Afik, operates. He has a company registered in the Republic.

The group has been involved in constructing over 8,000 property units in the north, across Famagusta, Karpasia and Kyrenia.

Another case is also being launched against an Israeli company, who are developing on the sea front in the Ayios Amvrosios area, according to the mukhtar of the village Savvas Xiouris.