The national health scheme Gesy must continue and survive, the finance and health ministers said on Tuesday following a meeting to discuss the issue.

“We had a very productive discussion… and we confirmed once again that as a government and as ministers, we recognise the importance of Gesy,” Finance Minister Makis Keravnos said.

Health Minister Michalis Damianos described the meeting as “constructive” and said government decisions on the matters discussed would be announced when they are taken.

Asked about the issue of the continuation of state support for State Health Services (Okypy), Keravnos said “the government is not negative about extending aid, but this cannot go on for ever.”

State hospitals were supposed to be autonomous under Gesy also this status has yet to be reached.

He also said public funds should be “handled with great care”.

Speaking about the power cut which hit the Nicosia General hospital on Monday, Damianos said “it was an extreme event which Okypy managed to control.

“We always have to be ready for such events so that we can deal with them,” he said, adding that Okypy had launched an investigation.