INEX Development, the real-estate companyINEX logo white specialising in the construction and development of residential properties, from state-of-the-art villas to sophisticated apartment complexes, as well as commercial buildings with the most technologically-advanced serviced offices in Cyprus, has announced the development of five new residential properties in Paphos.

With its human-centric approach to living conditions, the company aims to offer a specific lifestyle. INEX is creating places and communities of free-spirited individuals that inspire. By fusing extensive expertise, innovation and design with environmental sustainability, the company has already delivered a forward-thinking project, Leto’s, a premium-grade sold-out family built-up area in Paphos.

The five residential properties in Paphos – Palisandro Hills, QUBE, More’s, Tree’s and Navie – are expected to upgrade the area’s living standards, always concentrating on people, the environment, sustainability and cutting-edge technology. The Paphos area keeps changing and evolving, and has all the potential to become a point of attraction for foreign companies wishing to transfer their base to Cyprus. For its residents, Paphos provides a relaxed lifestyle, Blue Flag-awarded beaches and stunning nature attractions.

Palisandro Hills residencies are located in the area of Pegeia. Seventeen deluxe villas with private swimming pools and an exquisite recreational area featuring a playground and a garden, landscaped only with local flora to exist in harmony with the surrounding area. Thus, Palisandro Hills offers a comfortable living environment characterised by a sense of respect towards nature. Its location next to a mountain river and a national park guarantees future residents will enjoy spectacular views of the mountains and the coastline. INEX’s commitment to sustainability, stunning aesthetics and utmost comfort is evident in every detail of this project.

QUBE is a multifunctional apartment and office complex in Paphos, with a vision of a balance between city living and working. It is a structure designed to fit contemporary lifestyles, but goes one step further to complement the vibrant rhythm of the city of Paphos. QUBE embodies INEX’s commitment towards creating an environment catering to the needs of its residents. A place that feels like more than a home: it is a private world, adapted to the complexities and various aspects and facets of its owner’s life. QUBE’s location was chosen so that everything necessary for a comfortable life is nearby: from shops and cafés to schools and universities.

More’s is for the people who want more from a residential space. Located on the tranquil peninsula of Pegeia, only 200 metres from Coral Bay beach, More’s villas are a prime example of living standards surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty. In addition, More’s will offer its residents a premium resort infrastructure, featuring first-rate amenities and facilities, such as a 40m swimming pool reminiscent of a river, a sports area and an exclusive gym, while its larger villas will be fitted with elevators.

Tree’s is a residential complex, incorporating the essence of functional living, offering an exceptional lifestyle immersed in nature, yet close to urban conveniences. Tree’s family park, with six villas, 10 townhouses and 10 apartments is strategically located between Paphos City and the Airport. Close by is a vast selection of modern golf courses, all within proximity to each other and designed by famous architects. Tree’s combines the peaceful nature of an idyllic retreat with convenient accessibility. It presents a unique blend of top-notch accommodation and environmental sustainability, perfect for those seeking an unmatched residential experience at a beautiful location with views of the sea.

Navie is perfectly positioned close to Paphos and provides an ideal balance of city and nature. It is a peaceful place surrounded by golf courses, offering every residence a sea view. Navie represents a philosophy inspired by the People Na’vi from the movie ‘Avatar’. Navie is a symbol of rebirth and an open invitation to a way of living that is innovative and harmonious, refined but relaxed, modern but also traditional. Navie is a way of life that navigates through the ordinary to reach the extraordinary.

The five new residential projects in Paphos by INEX feature all the key characteristics of the company – sophisticated design, high functionality, modern technology, sustainability and environmental consciousness and a human-centric approach – while also sharing the unique benefit of being located at the most comfortable and select locations of the wider Paphos area.

By combining the latest technological developments with notable design, INEX creates spaces that skip the “present” and belong to the future, while elevating standards of living. Each project of the company reflects its ambition of always being one step ahead of current construction trends, focusing on the maximum satisfaction of its clients and always being in line with environmental harmony and protection. With “Developing Emotions” as its main slogan, INEX transfigures the wide prism of human emotions in all its constructions.

INEX is also a pioneer in a new type of commercial buildings with active office spaces such as Beon, Multispace and the Majestic business centre, whose elegant design and interiors are equipped with the latest technologies, and suitable for any business needs, as well as QUBE, which is a hybrid project that combines sophisticated office facilities with apartments.

Finally, INEX is building communities with their own ecosystem, such as INEX CLUB in Limassol – a bicycle community with the goal of creating exclusive conditions to practice sports, with INEX café inside and many more to come soon.

“INEX Development properties are distinguished not only by their remarkable design and technological effectiveness, but also for their environmentally conscious character and their emphasis both on individual wellness and environmental sustainability,” stated INEX Development CEO Sergey Kudryavtsev.

“The three traits of our company are professionalism, technological advantage and the offering of high-quality services,” he continued. “These traits are also present in all our properties in Paphos, featuring living spaces that, aside from their technical and technological excellence, are vibrant, adaptable, responsive and deeply connected to the individual needs of their owners.”

About INEX Development:

INEX is a pioneer in creating future spaces, with 15 years of experience in the real-estate market, whose projects feature a unique combination of eco-friendly, technology-driven and human-centric structures. INEX operates in real-estate development, producing structures for both residential and commercial high-end projects. Its spaces are made for people and organisations that share the same values, and seek to live/work in a mindful and overall better world.

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