A dead body was found in the sea by a ferry which had departed from Cyprus on Thursday.

The ferry was bound for the Turkish town of Tasucu, in the province of Mersin.

The ferry’s personnel notified the Turkish coastguard of the body’s location, and coastguard teams from Mersin later arrived to remove the body from the sea.

The body’s cause of death is not yet known, though its finding comes amid an increased number of bodies being found on Cyprus’ coasts.

On Wednesday, funerals were held at the Rizokarpaso Turkish Cypriot cemetery for four unidentified bodies which had been found washed up on the coast of Karpasia.

The bodies remain unidentified, though clothing found on them suggests they were Syrian in origin.

Three of the bodies had been found in the space of 11 days during January, with the fourth being found on Monday.