A draft bill to modernise the legal service and the audit office will be brought in front of the legislature within the year, Government Spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis said on Friday.

Asked to comment on the matter during a press briefing, Letymbiotis said: “The president, in the annual plan for 2024, has included the preparation of a bill on the part of the government for the modernisation of both the legal service and audit office, and these are bills that within the year will be prepared by the executive to be brought before the legislature.”

He added that the exact timetable will be announced soon by the relevant ministry.

According to the spokesman, the bill will concern the modernisation of both institutions, while the attorney-general’s powers will be examined in the process of preparing the bill.

Asked whether the government was concerned about the result of the public opinion survey regarding the popularity of the president and the increased popularity of the audit office compared to that of the legal service, Letymbiotis said that “the election period and the presidential elections for us ended a year ago”.

“We are focused on substance and that cannot be other than solving the problems that society faces every day. We are in daily contact with society, we listen to the problems of society and public opinion,” he said.

He said that what this government has as a great advantage is that they can continue to implement the projects regardless of the upcoming elections, because this is exactly what society is asking and expecting from the government and the president.

A few weeks ago, the president announced more than 80 actions that in 2024 will be implemented and “we will implement them and we are in full coordination every day as regards the implementation of the government’s work”, he said.