Cryptocurrencies, including both altcoins and Bitcoin, are known for their inherent volatility with some crypto assets performing better or woefully than others. Two altcoins in this scenario are Aptos and Hedera.

Notably, Aptos (APT) token is exhibiting promising signs of reaching new highs and trending upwards. Hedera (HBAR), on the other hand, is having a hard time breaking out of its bearish phase as it hits lower prices. Meanwhile, there’s Pullix, an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange willing to solve DeFi’s liquidity problems and become the best crypto to invest in.

Pullix (PLX): The next generation Crypto with CeFi and DeFi qualities drops in 70 days

Pullix (PLX) is gaining traction in the cryptocurrency community as it nears the final phases of its token presale. Not only is the project addressing liquidity issues seen in exchanges, but it’s also pioneering a Trade-to-Earn model, rewarding users for their trading activities.

The native PLX token, currently priced at $0.10, has already raised over $4,954,000, whilst offering early investors a remarkable ROI of over 150% from its initial $0.04 price. As the presale progresses into another phase, the current token price presents a good entry point for potential investors to join and potentially increase their returns.

Furthermore, Pullix’s listing on Coingecko has attracted significant attention during the presale, further fueled by a meme competition offering prizes of $250, $100, and $50. Given its accumulated successes, coupled with its unique value propositions, analysts anticipate a 90% increase in PLX token value before its scheduled launch in less than 70 days.

Driven by heightened enthusiasm among investors in the stage 7 of the presale, and with the presale inching closer to the significant $5 million milestone, Pullix is poised to outpace top crypto coins like Aptos and Hedera upon its launch.

Aptos (APT) monthly price trajectory is commendable as it shows resilience

Aptos crypto has seen an ATH reaching $19, a 57.0% increase from its current price. Aptos is currently pricing in a weekly range of $8.58 to $9.70, however it has seen higher in the middle of January, when it priced in a weekly range of $9.20 to $10.20.

Aptos is showing signs of hitting higher price ranges in February or March. Ultimately the price of Aptos is bound to steadily increase as it also gains more TVL periodically, having just gained a total of 17.44% recently.

Aptos boasts a substantial market cap of $2.90 billion and a trading volume (TVL) of over $114,000 according to recent Coinmarketcap data. APT token ranks fairly good among the best crypto investment choices.

Hedera (HBAR) continues to decline after hitting yearly-high

Despite nearly hitting a high resistance of 0.10 this year, Hedera price has been sliding down, as it hit new lows. In the middle of January, Hedera priced as high as $0.098, a price that wasn’t met throughout last year.

While users believe Hedera will potentially regain high prices, the token is currently plummeting. Hedera price has reduced by 13.56% in the past 30 days and by 7.05% in the past 7 days. Hedera is currently pricing in a weekly range of $0.64 to $0.74.

Considering how it has been performing in the last 30 days, Hedera may keep hitting new highs before it settles for a price correction. Essentially, Hedera has some potential to regain market value.

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