A neighbourhood social worker programme will be implemented nationwide, Deputy Welfare Minister Marilena Evangelou said on Tuesday.

Launched as a pilot programme by the deputy ministry in April 2023, Evangelou said it yielded excellent results, endorsed by both social welfare services and local authorities, “and, most importantly, by citizens and local communities.”

Evangelou stressed the programme’s responsiveness to citizens’ needs for social services, also underlining its efficiency and immediacy.

With the cooperation of the union of municipalities and the union of communities, the programme will now be rolled out island-wide, inviting other municipalities and communities to participate.

President of the union of municipalities Andreas Vyras hailed the programme “as a vital tool for effective local governance”, echoing Evangelou’s sentiment that municipalities are best placed to understand and address neighbourhood issues.

President of the union of communities Andreas Kitromilides noted the programme’s contribution to social welfare at the community level.