The village of Zodia, near Morphou, was flooded overnight on Wednesday after the local brook burst its banks.

The brook overflowed after heavy rain hit much of the island, including in the Troodos mountain range, from whence the brook flows towards Zodia and onwards into the Morphou Bay.

Teams from the north’s fire brigade, the Morphou Municipality, and the Civil defence moved to ensure the overflowing brook flowed in a controlled manner, though they were unable to stop water reaching the village.

Speaking to the Turkish Agency Cyprus (Tak) on Wednesday morning, Morphou ‘district governor’ Savas Orakcioglu said the water level in the brook was decreasing, and that it was now flowing “in a controlled manner”.

“If the rain does not continue, the brook’s water level will return to normal within three or four hours,” he said.

He added that despite the water reaching the village, he had not received any complaints about damage to property as a result of the flood.