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The best Cryptos to invest in Q1 of 2024: Pullix (PLX), MultiversX (EGLD) and Pendle (PENDLE)


Despite the high volatility of the crypto market, many crypto projects have witnessed a massive inflow of investors. As the year goes by, analysts have picked the best cryptocurrencies that have a high chance of returning huge profits in the year. The tokens are MultiversX (EGLD), Pendle (PENDLE) and Pullix (PLX). With the Pullix project launching getting closer, analysts are anticipating over 100x ROI for the top crypto coin soon. Let’s see the market activity of these tokens below.

Pullix (PLX) makes a bold statement as it raises over $5.5M in Token sales

The Pullix token has shown great promise after giving early investors over 150% ROI. With the Pullix platform set for launching in less than 70 days, many whales have joined the project to position themselves for the rally that comes with the project launch. The project which has only 2 stages of presale remaining has raised over $5.5M. So far, over 15,000 users have joined the presale with the number set to increase in the coming days. 

For context, Pullix is a Trade to Earn exchange platform that will bridge the gap between decentralized and centralized exchanges. The platform aims to help solve trading and liquidity problems in DeFi. 

The crypto industry has suffered in recent times, which has affected many crypto transactions. With the Pullix trading exchange, all the issues of high transaction fees and liquidity will be solved as Pullix will provide a central platform that makes it easy to trade. Users can trade popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum on the platform.

Some of the Unique features of Pullix are the profit sharing and token burn features. The profit-sharing feature will allow token holders to earn a percentage of the platform’s daily revenue while the token burn feature will ensure that all non purchased tokens are burned to stabilize the PLX price. 

The ERC20 token PLX is in the 7th stage of presale and sold for just $0.10. Once the presale enters stage 8 in a few days, the token price will increase to $0.14, making now the best time to buy the top crypto coin. Users who purchase the token now will be given a 25% deposit bonus. 

Over 80 million tokens have been sold within less than 100 days PLX is currently listed in CoinGecko. There is also an ongoing Meme Contest in which a grand prize of $250 will be given to the winner with the 2nd and 3rd runners-up pocketing $100 and $50 respectively. Overall, Pullix has proven to be a top crypto project ahead of MultiversX and Pendle. 

MultiversX (EGLD) shows impressive price performance

MultiverX (EGLD) has continued to impress in the crypto market in recent time. The token price has risen by 28% in the year-to-date price metrics. Zooming in, the MultiversX price has rallied by a slight 5% in the past month with a further 8% increase in the past week. 

The MultiversX market chart has been quite impressive with the trading volume increasing by 50% on a day-to-day average in the past week. At the current trajectory, MultiversX is on course to hit the $60 support level. Once that happens, analysts project a massive rally which could see the token trade above $100 before the end of the year. 

Pendle (PENDLE) coin soars with over 70% rally in 30 days

Pendle (PENDLE) is one of the top cryptos that made waves in Q4 of 2024. The token which ended 2023 on a high note continued its rally in 2024. The Pendle price has surged by a massive 72% in the past month in what was described as a high-performing token. The token has also gained over 8% in the past week. 

A further look at the yearly price chart shows the token has gained more than 2,000% in year-to-date price data according to CoinMarketCap. With the Pendle trading volume and market cap increasing, analysts are projecting the Pendle price to reach $5 before the end of the month. 

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

Visit Pullix 
Join The Pullix Communities


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