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How to choose the right call tracking provider for your business

Source: Phonexa

As businesses increasingly rely on telecommunications to connect with customers, many are turning to call-tracking services to gain insights into call volumes, sources, recordings, and analytics.In the process of selecting the most appropriate call tracking provider for small and midsize companies, some important aspects should be considered. Careful features, integration, scaling, and price plan comparison can help match the service with both existing needs and future business goals. Then let’s take a look at the tips for selecting call tracking software to maximize conversion rates.

Considerations for choosing a call tracking service

SaaS call center solutions is a cloud-based platform that provides businesses with the necessary infrastructure and tools to run their inbound call center operations effectively. These solutions have a wide array of features such as call tracking, analytics, and integration capabilities making them essential for businesses that are interested in optimizing their customer interactions. Call tracking software helps businesses to track and study incoming calls, thus gaining valuable information about customer behavior, preferences, and the efficiency of marketing campaigns. It does not matter if you operate a call center or your business relies on inbound calls, call tracking solutions can turn things around for you.

In evaluating call tracking providers, businesses should keep in mind a few critical features.

A call-tracking service of high quality offers comprehensive reports on call activity and metrics. Seek a vendor that provides real-time reporting and historical data on call volume, duration, origin, and more. In addition, the reports should have details on the peak calling hours and days, thus, marketing campaigns can be refined. Some services allow businesses to customize reports and dashboards in a way they find most helpful.

Call recording

Call recording allows businesses to review actual conversations with customers and leads. This feature helps improve customer service, evaluate sales techniques, and gain valuable customer insights. Businesses should look for a service that provides on-demand access to call recordings for at least six to twelve months. Some providers offer call transcription and analytics to further maximize the value of recordings.

Dynamic number routing

Dynamic number routing gives businesses the ability to route inbound calls to specific locations based on factors like time of day, caller ID, or dialed number. This helps ensure that calls are directed to the appropriate department or individual. Some services allow routing rules to be set up through an online portal, providing convenience and flexibility.


For most companies call tracking is the most helpful when integrated with other systems like CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and business phone services. Find a call tracking vendor that provides integrations with the other tools you use. Some providers have open APIs allowing third-party developers to develop custom integrations that meet specific requirements. Integrations give companies a holistic view of customer interactions across channels.

Therefore, reliable reporting, call recording, dynamic number routing, and integrations with other systems are the must-have features to consider when looking for the best call tracking company. The right provider will provide actionable insights into marketing campaigns, enhance customer experiences, and optimize lead generation. With the variety of services to select from, businesses can pick a solution that meets their requirements and budget.

Questions to ask potential call tracking providers

There are a lot of pros and cons of call tracking. When evaluating call tracking providers, there are several important questions businesses should ask to determine the right solution for the company’s needs: 

Do you provide live call tracking and reporting?

Real-time viewing of call data is important for businesses to fine-tune their marketing campaigns and sales efforts. Find a provider with a user-friendly dashboard where you will be able to see essential metrics such as number of calls, call duration, and caller location.

What call attributes do you track?

More advanced call tracking metrics will provide details beyond just the number of calls and call duration. Ask the provider about additional attributes they capture such as caller ID, caller location, landing page URL, keyword, ad group, advertising channel, and CRM integration. The more call data a provider can track, the more insight businesses will gain.

Do you offer call recording and storage?

Call recording functionality allows businesses to review actual phone conversations to improve staff training, evaluate caller experiences, and optimize sales techniques. Inquire about how long the provider retains call recordings and the security measures in place to protect sensitive customer data.

What integrations do you offer?

For maximum benefit, the best call tracking service should integrate with other marketing and sales tools already in use. Ask if the provider offers pre-built integrations with CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho, as well as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, and other advertising platforms. Custom integrations may also be available to connect call data throughout the organization.

What is your pricing model?

Pricing for call tracking providers typically falls into one of three models: pay-per-call, monthly subscription, or annual subscription. Pay-per-call and monthly subscription models often cost more in the long run compared to an annual subscription. Ask the provider for details on their pricing packages and billing terms to find a solution that fits your budget.

By asking these essential questions, businesses can find a call tracking provider with the features, integrations, and pricing model to meet their unique needs. The right call tracking partner can prove instrumental in optimizing marketing campaigns and improving business performance.

TopCall tracking services for small businesses

For small businesses looking to optimize their marketing campaigns, call tracking services can provide valuable insights. These services assign unique phone numbers to track the effectiveness of marketing channels like Google Ads, social media, and billboards. By analyzing call volume and duration, small businesses can determine which marketing channels are generating the most interest and revenue. So, navigate the marketing landscape with top call tracking tools:


Phonexa is well-known being the main part of the call tracking industry, delivering a wide range of SaaS call center solutions. It is quite a complete platform that combines inbound phone tracking, lead distribution, email marketing, and more. This integration makes it easier to manage and helps to improve efficiency in the long run.

Call tracking metrics

Call Tracking Metrics offers specific packages to meet the needs of small businesses. The plans are low-cost and easy to use. The platform provides real-time call analytics and integrates with platforms, like for example, Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Converiza is advertising itself as a call-tracking and marketing automation platform. Also, it has tracking capabilities that make it a comprehensive marketing tool to competitors because it comes with pay-per-click advertising management, landing page builders, and email marketing tools.


WhatConverts offers an intuitive telephone tracking interface with up-to-date analytics and visual reports. It integrates with platforms, like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. With WhatConverts, you also get call recording, transcription, and coaching to enhance the sales process.

Thus, select the right phone call tracking and see how call tracking software can help your business

To Sum Up, a call tracking provider is an essential element of any data-driven business marketing strategy. Through a thorough assessment of your requirements and desired results, researching possible providers, scrutinizing features and capabilities, and prioritizing data security, you can choose the optimum call tracking software for your call center that will provide valuable insights. Once the right provider relationship is established that is based on an understanding of your business objectives, responsiveness, and demonstrated expertise through call analytics are clear. By continually revisiting metrics and adjusting the utilization of these powerful tools you will ensure optimal alignment with emerging priorities as your business evolves.

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