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Can Feng Shui bring you lasting love?


As we pass through the month of Valentine’s, let’s uncover how Feng Shui can help you attract and nurture lasting love.

Love is more than just a feeling; it’s a fundamental force that shapes our lives and relationships. In the realm of Feng Shui, love and romance are among the most sought-after applications of this ancient art. But before we start rearranging furniture and hanging crystals, let’s focus on something crucial: self-love.

Self-love isn’t just about treating yourself to bubble baths and indulgent desserts (though those are great too!), it’s about cultivating a deep sense of worthiness and compassion for yourself. Without a strong foundation of self-love, it’s challenging to attract and maintain healthy relationships with others.

But self-care doesn’t stop at the doorstep; it extends into the world, fostering kindness and connection. Whether it’s volunteering at a local charity, enjoying a leisurely walk in nature, or brightening space with fresh flowers, each action is a little celebration of the beauty of life itself. Go ahead, treat yourself to those little luxuries, wrap yourself in comfort, and savour the simple joys of life.

Here are some simple Feng Shui strategies to invite love into your life:


Create a love-friendly bedroom

Your bedroom should be more than just a place to sleep, it should be a sanctuary for love and intimacy. Start by ensuring your bed is easily accessible from both sides, symbolising equality and partnership. Add touches of sensuality – soft lighting, comfortable bedding and perhaps some romantic artwork. A sturdy headboard can provide stability and protection, both symbolically and practically. When your bedroom is a welcoming space for love, you’re setting the stage for deeper connections.


Elevate your bathroom

Yes, even your bathroom can play a role in your love life. In Feng Shui, the bathroom is considered a space of cleansing and renewal – essential for maintaining a healthy relationship. Keep it clean, clutter-free, and add soothing scents like lavender or eucalyptus. Treat yourself to luxurious bath products and create a spa-like atmosphere. When you prioritise self-care in this space, you’re sending a message to yourself and the universe that you deserve love and care.


Curate love-infused spaces

Forget about traditional Feng Shui symbols – it’s time to get creative. Fill your home with items that resonate with your idea of love and romance. Whether it’s a pair of lovebird figurines, a bowl of rose quartz crystals, or a cosy nook for intimate conversations, let your personal style shine through. Place these items strategically in your love and marriage bagua area or your lucky direction for love. When your space reflects your desires and intentions, you’re more likely to attract them.

feng shui bagua map

Finding your love corner

The bagua is an ancient tool used by Feng Shui practitioners to read the energy or qi of a plot of land, a home or a bedroom. To simplify it: the bagua is a map that grids a space, and connects specific areas of your home to areas of your life, these areas are called guas. You can learn more about the bagua here.

Guess what? There is an area of your home that is dedicated to partnership and love. Ta da! So, you can enhance and improve that specific area of your life by making changes to your home or bedroom.


Activate love in the bedroom

Let’s start with the bedroom: to find your love/partnership area stand in the doorway of your bedroom looking in. Now look to the far-right corner, that is the partnership/love area. What does this area look like in your bedroom? Is there a single, solitary, chair? Is the area cluttered? Is there any artwork on the walls in your love corner? What you have in your love corner can tell you a lot. Take note and listen to what the universe has to say. Start by clearing it out if is it cluttered, then you can activate it by adding some special high-vibe items.

Here are some items you can add to your partnership and love gua, to enhance love in your life:

Two candles (pink is a great colour!)

A warm, glowing lamp to brighten the area and attract new energy

Artwork that speaks to love, partnership, and a nurturing relationship

As you change the physical space and activate love in your life, also observe your own personal feelings and energy. Make sure you are open to change and inviting new love into your life. Notice your thoughts as you review your love area, be sure you are doing this exercise with the highest good in mind.

Remember, Feng Shui is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s a journey of self-discovery and intention-setting. Be patient with yourself as you experiment with these techniques, and trust that the universe will respond in kind. And most importantly, don’t forget to nurture the most important relationship of all – the one you have with yourself.

So, as you go about your week, take a moment to infuse your surroundings with love and intention. Whether it’s lighting a candle, rearranging your bedroom, or simply treating yourself to a moment of quiet reflection, every small action brings you one step closer to the love and connection you deserve.

May your heart be open and your home be filled with love.


Freda Yannitsas is a committed Mindfulness Advocate and Feng Shui Strategist, merging the insights of ancient Greek philosophers and Eastern traditions. She provides a harmonious blend of remedies and practices, guiding people towards wise and mindful living while activating positive energies in their living spaces. Find her on TikTok and Instagram

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