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Market trends suggest Stacks, Meme Moguls and price has plenty more Xs


As the current bull run slows down, investors are looking for projects to take their returns to the next level. According to current market trends, Stacks, and Meme Moguls could do just that. Stacks and have seen significant returns in February, while Meme Moguls is expected to soar as its presale comes to an end. 

Stacks chases $3 following 80% surge

Stacks made headlines in late December 2023 after a series of price rallies. This bullish trend continued into January 2024, before Stacks faced a major price decline during the market’s bear run. However, the altcoin has started to rally once again. 

According to CoinMarketCap data, Stacks’ price is up by 86.43% over the last 30 days. The project is now trading at $2.68 and has attracted a significant audience of new investors. Over the last week alone, the price of STX increased by 29% and now the altcoin’s daily trading volume has passed $351 million. 

If Stacks can continue its bullish momentum, experts predict that STX could pass $3 in March. This would take Stacks to a 3-year high and could push Stacks into the top 25 ranked cryptocurrencies by market cap. surges 35% in 7 days

Much like Stacks,, also experienced a strong performance over the last month. The altcoins price is up 51.7%, with a 35% rally over the last week. This has taken to $0.9125, and the project’s daily trading volume is up 10% to $338 million.

This growth has been supported by two recent developments. First, announced that it will collaborate with Deutsche Telekom to further develop its blockchain. Secondly, OpenAI announced its latest AI tool, which had a positive knock-on effect throughout the AI DeFi market. 

On its current trajectory, experts predict that could pass $1 by the end of February. However, has previously met resistance at this level and would require significant momentum to reach new annual highs. 

Meme Moguls prepares for March launch 

Investors worldwide currently have their eyes on the Meme Moguls presale. This exciting project is set to list on Uniswap on February 28, after which its utility token is expected to soar. $MGLS, which will be used to power the Meme Moguls ecosystem, has already increased by 90% during the project’s presale and now experts predict it could soar an additional 35x upon launch. 

In the leadup to its listing, the Meme Moguls developers will showcase a game preview. As part of this preview, investors will be able to see what developers have in store for them. This will include the project’s innovative virtual stock market, different game modes, tournaments, an in-game leaderboard, and more. 

On March 11, Meme Moguls will start the first phase of its official game release. This will mark a monumental milestone for the Meme Moguls community, and $MGLS tokens are expected to experience exponential growth following the event. With this in mind, $MGLS current price of just $0.0036 is a bargain for early investors. 

Investors who want to get involved in the presale can still purchase tokens via Meme Moguls’ official website. However, with time running out, they need to act fast. 

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) Presale: 

Visit Meme Moguls | Join the Community


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