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Uniswap’s upgrade: A magnet for new users? Decentraland and Algorand alternative set for impressive jumps


According to a recent announcement from the Uniswap (UNI) Foundation, the official deployment of the Uniswap v4 protocol now has an official date set to be deployed after the upcoming Ethereum (ETH) Dencun upgrade. This anticipated upgrade has sparked significant interest within the cryptocurrency community, particularly as Uniswap continues to assert itself as a leading decentralized exchange platform. Meanwhile, InQubeta (QUBE), a Decentraland (MANA) and Algorand (ALGO) alternative, is set for a remarkable advancement. 

InQubeta is an emerging crypto project leading the way in providing financial benefits within the crypto market. Its primary objective is to create an investment ecosystem characterized by transparency and democracy, fostering the development and triumph of AI technology startups. This new DeFi crypto has undergone extensive audits led by the esteemed cybersecurity firm Hacken, underscoring its dedication to guaranteeing a secure user experience.

This article delves into Uniswap’s upgrade and explores Decentraland’s and Algorand’s alternative InQubeta, which is set for an impressive jump.

InQubeta (QUBE): Revolutionizing AI startup investment through fractional ownership

InQubeta facilitates fractional investment in AI startups to address the constraints of conventional investment systems. This Decentraland and Algorand alternative is set for an impressive jump as its presale nears $10 million in funding. The presale, currently in stage 7, has sold over 808 million QUBE tokens at a low entry price of 0.0224 USD. Experts predict a 50% surge after its official launch, making it the best cryptocurrency to invest in now.

The new DeFi crypto has strategically scheduled a gradual release of QUBE tokens over 12 weeks. This approach fosters trust and confidence among investors by preventing a sudden surge of new tokens in circulation. In essence, InQubeta seeks to uphold the QUBE token’s resilience and appeal as a reliable investment for those who believe in the future of AI technology.

The InQubeta platform also offers investors a platform to stake their QUBE tokens to receive extra rewards. Through these staking mechanisms, investors who stake their QUBE tokens can earn rewards from a specific reward pool financed by a 5% sell tax. These striking features place InQubeta as the best cryptocurrency to invest in now, empowering the community to play an active role in advancing AI technology.qube2

Algorand (ALGO): Pioneering secure and scalable NFT deployment with environmental responsibility

Algorand provides a highly se­cure and scalable Layer-1 blockchain we­ll-suited for developing and overseeing non-fungible tokens (NFT). Algorand pledge­s to become an eco-friendly and carbon-ne­gative blockchain. ALGO’s partnership with ClimateTrade, a notable­ company concentrating on CO2 emissions visibility and trace­ability through blockchain-powered solutions, underscore­s its commitment to environmental responsibility.

The ALGO blockchain utilizes a pure proof-of-stake consensus mechanism (PPoS) to determine block validators from among token holders. Through this system, validators are chosen randomly and anonymously for each block. This approach helps guarantee­ decentralization across the network while removing the risk of blockchain forks. It provide­s robust protection for the non-fungible toke­n assets built on Algorand.

Decentraland (MANA): Exploring a decentralized virtual world on the Ethereum Blockchain

Decentraland operates on the Ethe­reum blockchain, enabling users to build, e­xplore, and benefit from conte­nt within a decentralized virtual world. Use­rs employ MANA tokens to obtain non-fungible toke­ns (NFTs), symbolizing virtual land within the Dece­ntraland network.

MANA has developed to integrate­ engaging programs, virtual economic exchange­s, and direct user communication. The Dece­ntraland network might also attract gamers hoping to profit from in-game funds with re­al monetary worth, which can be exchange­d for material benefits or he­lpful resources.

Uniswap (UNI): Enhancing decentralized asset trading with scalability and security

Uniswap is a decentralized e­xchange that enables the­ trade of digital holdings. As an open-source project, UNI is among the de­centralized finance applications due­ to its use of smart contracts to facilitate trade. The project has recently set a date to reveal the official deployment of the Uniswap v4 protocol following the impending Ethereum Dencun upgrade.

The upcoming Uniswap version, according to the announcement, is set to bring numerous enhancements to the protocol, focusing on scalability, performance, and security. Given the extensive audits by multiple firms and a community contest, users can anticipate reduced gas fees and heightened security. This method positions the forthcoming UNI version as the most rigorously audited protocol ever implemented on Ethereum.


While the upcoming Uniswap upgrade is poised to be a magnet for new users, InQubeta, a Decentraland and Algorand contender, is set to witness a massive jump in its ongoing presale. This emerging crypto project stands poised to reshape the landscape of AI investment, attracting a new wave of users eager to participate in the future of technology. Investors interested in participating in the InQubeta presale will find the process straightforward and accessible. They can acquire QUBE tokens using BTC, ETH, and  USDT.

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