The Cyprus Real Estate Agents Registration Council on Thursday announced that it successfully conducted a training seminar on February 28, in collaboration with the Tax Department.

According to the announcement, the Tax Department who delivered the training prioritised the optimal training of licensed real estate agents during the seminar, addressing topics related to VAT on land and properties, as well as general taxation matters related to the real estate sector.

More than 10 officials from the Tax Department were present at the seminar, which was held in Larnaca.

In addition to presentations, Tax Department officials responded to participant questions on taxation matters, explaining the provisions of relevant legislation and regulations.

 Cyprus Real Estate Agents Registration Council

Marinos Kyneyirou, president of the Real Estate Agents Registration Council, welcomed the seminar, stating that “in 2024, we will continue to place special emphasis on the continuous education of real estate agents, as it is imperative for all of us to be as well-informed as possible”.

“For the success of our work, our sector, and the satisfaction of our clients, who seek and deserve excellent professional service,” he added.

The announcement also said that due to the significant interest generated, the council is considering the possibility of repeating the seminar, again in coordination with the Tax Department.

Finally, the announcement noted that part of the participation cost for registered licensed real estate agents was subsidised by the Cyprus Real Estate Agents Registration Council.