Two men, both aged 22, were arrested in Limassol on Thursday evening after being found in possession of around seven kilograms of cannabis.

Police had seen one of the two men leaving an apartment building in the city before tracking him driving away, and then pulling his car over.

They then conducted a search of the vehicle, uncovering six nylon packages containing a total of 6.2 kilograms of cannabis.

After arresting the first man, they returned to the building, intercepting and arresting the other man as he was leaving it.

Twelve small packages containing a total of 46 grams of cannabis were found on his person.

A subsequent search of the apartment from which the two had emerged uncovered four packages of cannabis weighing a total of 647 grams, two precision scales, and a scaling device.

Police also searched a vehicle belonging to the second man, finding four nylon packages containing 198 grams of cannabis.

All the items found were seized as evidence, with the pair remaining in custody.