A total of 4,488 new voters have so far registered on the electoral roll, chief returning officer Menelaos Vasiliou said on Monday.

Among the new voters, 1,386 are Europeans residing in Cyprus. They are one of two groups of new votes, the other being those who reach the age of 18.

Elections will be held on June 9, for members of the European Parliament and local authorities, which covers mayors, deputy mayors, municipal council members, community leaders, community council members, presidents of district self-government organisations and school board members.

With an approved budget of €6,650,000 for election expenditure, it is estimated that around 1,850 polling stations will open, with some in Greece, Belgium and England.

“So far we have 569,086 registered Cypriot voters, 557,578 of which are on the permanent electoral roll, including 735 Turkish Cypriots,” Vassiliou said.

“We have the special electoral list of European citizens residing in Cyprus which currently stands at 12,945, the list for Europeans voting for the European elections at 9,224 and the Turkish Cypriots residing in the occupied territories which currently stands at 82,925,” he added.

Voters are categorised into three groups, who will be able to take part in different elections, of Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots and Europeans.

The deadline to register for the elections varies between April 2 and April 24 with more information here.