Health Minister Michael Damianos expressed his gratitude for Shriners Children’s hospital team on Tuesday morning on a visit to Makarios children’s hospital in Nicosia.

Shriners hospital doctors have come from North America to perform a total of seven surgeries by Thursday at the hospital and at Apollonion hospital as well as examining children at George and Thelma Paraskevaides Foundation.

“What is being carried out is very important for our country,” Damianos said. “We are thankful to Shriner’s hospital for coming to Cyprus since 2023.”

George and Thelma Paraskevaides Foundation executive director Costas Paraskevaides thanked Makarios hospital officials who hosted the doctors from the Shriners hospital.

“This is the second time that these serious and important surgeries have been carried out at Makarios and I hope that this cooperation will continue in the future so more children can benefit,” he said.

“The children and the parents are happy, and it is much easier to perform the operations in Cyprus than sending the children to America.”

Shriners hospital executive vice president John McKay then went on to thank the health minister and the officials of the Makarios hospital, praising the cooperation that exists between the two parties.