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Algorand sets stage for March token unlock while Chainlink AI challenger receives significant support


The altcoin sector has been reaching new highs after multiple projects surprised crypto users with their recent announcements. One of the most notable ones is Algorand (ALGO) which will be releasing 2.29 million tokens every day for 31 days. The token unlock exercise will start on March 19, 2024. 

The other altcoin that cryptoverse can’t stop talking about is InQubeta (QUBE), an Ethereum-powered crowdfunding platform designed for AI projects. The platform is seen as one of the best new ICOs of the year due to its presale growth. 

So far, its ICO has raised over $11.6 million. With a unique model that can potentially speed up AI innovation, InQubeta is now giving tough competition to leading coins like Chainlink.

InQubeta: Decoding AI startups business needs

By acting as an enabler for InQubeta’s governance structure, the QUBE token goes a step beyond the usual cryptocurrencies. Under the decentralized autonomous organization model, token owners get voting privileges to participate in the governance. 

Suggestions or proposals for upgrades are floated before the community and then put to a vote. Community members can decide and shape the future of the platform. 

Depending on what token holders feel about the proposals, they exercise their voting privileges. The model ensures that all concerns are addressed and only pertinent changes are implemented. 

It’s a top crypto to invest in as it gives crypto users the confidence to invest in startup projects and dream big. The startups selected for fundraising have to go through a careful screening process which minimizes the scope of fraud. 

The investment proposals submitted by startups during onboarding are minted as NFTs and then offered for sale. Crypto users can buy either an entire NFT or a fraction of it and become owners of a small share of the enterprise’s equity.

As per the team, the top altcoin will be undergoing many changes in the coming months. The changes are part of an ambitious roadmap that will help the team ramp up InQubeta’s reach. 

The team has plans to launch a staking dApp for token holders. The InQubeta community can also look forward to seeing the QUBE token listed on exchanges in the near future.qube2

Algorand integrates Dynamic Lambda and Native Python

Algorand is a layer 1 blockchain where developers can find an array of resources to build dApps. Its native token is ALGO and it’s used for settling all kinds of payments on the platform. 

Algorand has expanded its user base as news of its upcoming token unlock exercise spread. According to reports, the platform will be releasing ALGO tokens daily as part of a 31-day exercise that starts on March 19, 2024. 

It also hit the headlines recently after it took to X to talk about its recent achievements. In a post dated March 12, 2024, the platform announced that it leverages Dynamic Lambda and Native Python, in addition to more than 1400 operational nodes. 

Chainlink to launch boot camp for developers

Chainlink is an interoperability protocol that allows developers to collect data from off-chain sources and use it for smart contract operations. Using Overledger, a blockchain-agnostic platform, developers can connect any API to a smart contract and reap the benefits of automation. 

Its native token LINK, which is among the best cryptos available in the market today, is the official medium of exchange of the network. 

Chainlink has been in the news recently after it announced a boot camp for developers. Starting April 1, the platform will be launching a virtual boot camp for budding developers. 

It will help developers access Web 3.0 basics like smart contracts, blockchain, dApps, etc. The 12-day course will be conducted in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.qube2


The growth achieved by Algorand, Chainlink, and InQubeta has been enough to take the crypto community’s attention away from the investor sentiment post-BTC ETF

These coins have recorded massive growth in the past few weeks due to multiple reasons which include new initiatives and significant ICO gains. 

In the case of Chainlink and Algorand, their latest projects have helped them bolster their market positions. Meanwhile, InQubeta’s presale growth has been a game-changer for the project. 

The three cryptocurrencies have also won over crypto users with their security structures. Knowing that their assets and privacy are safe, crypto users can invest and accumulate these tokens with more confidence. 

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