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Hunting leaves countryside littered with shotgun shells


As the curtain fell on another hunting season, our concern deepens for the hills of Lythrodontas. Sundays, once a sanctuary for peaceful picnics around Ayios Demetrios church, now reveals a disheartening reality – a landscape littered with shotgun shells, a glaring testament to environmental neglect.

The journey from Lythrodontas to Machairas, once a scenic route, now resembles a discarded shooting range, with spent shotgun shells scattered everywhere. The aftermath of hunters’ outdoor excursions has turned our beloved mountains into an unintended dumping ground for these hazardous remnants.

Let’s talk about responsibility. It’s disheartening to witness the aftermath of hunting adventures, with shotgun shells strewn like unwelcome confetti. If hunting must persist, enthusiasts must adopt a conscientious approach – clean up after yourselves. The very nature we seek to explore and enjoy should not bear the brunt of our recreational activities.

The bikers navigating the route from Lythrodontas to Machairas also face the unanticipated hazard of riding through a landscape peppered with shotgun shells. The beauty they sought in their scenic journey is overshadowed by the environmental carelessness of those who left these remnants behind.

It’s time for a collective commitment to responsible hunting practices – if you shoot, ensure you also pick up your damn shells. Together, let’s restore Lythrodontas to its natural splendour, free from the blight of discarded shotgun shells.

Josephine Chapman

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