Three people have been arrested in Limassol after a fight caused damages to an apartment building in the Omonia area, police said on Sunday.

Two other people are wanted in the same case.

The fight took place on Saturday night when three employees of a construction company who live within the fenced area of an apartment building, noticed two people causing damage to the building.

They tried to stop them and managed to immobilise one of them, while the other fled.

But the two were not alone, and four others attacked the contractor’s employees and beat them up. After freeing their friend, they fled.

During the altercation, damage was caused to the building and the furniture of the apartment floor of the apartment building.

Police issued four initial arrest warrants, and then proceeded to issue a fourth.

So far, three of the five wanted have been arrested.

The subject of an investigation has also revealed a claim that the contractor did not pay one of the two who caused the damage a salary of €900 that he owed.