• Render’s (RNDR) collaboration with Nvidia could boost its current bullishness.
  • Jupiter (JUP) remains in the green zone despite the price decline that has affected many altcoins.
  • NuggetRush (NUGX) will continue its bullish ascent after selling over 234 million tokens.

Render’s (RNDR) bullishness in mid-March remains strong despite market-wide corrections. Jupiter (JUP) has also soared, pushing its market capitalization above $4.9 billion.

Yet, NuggetRush’s sale of 236 million tokens has indicated its preference over other gaming networks. Some investors have also enjoyed the 90% increase in NUGX’s token value. Yet, can it become one of the top crypto coins in Q2 2024? Keep reading for more.

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Render rises to the $12 region

Render (RNDR) continues to rise in mid-March amid excitement around a new partnership with Nvidia. After announcing the integration of Render (RNDR) into Nvidia’s omniverse, its token has surged considerably, nearing a high of $13.00 in mid-March. Render’s (RNDR) market capitalization has also soared considerably, reaching $4.9 billion after a $3.2 billion increase.

RNDR traded at $4.6586 on February 10. Two weeks later, it jumped by 54.9% to $7.2193 on February 24. RNDR jumped by 28.9% to $9.3102 on March 6. It then closed at $11.07 after an 18.9% increase on March 15.  

More attention is coming to Render (RNDR) in March due to the ongoing Nvidia GTC 2024 event. Analysts say new app developments could come to Render (RNDR) due to the technology conference. They conclude that increased network activity on Render could push RNDR’s price up by 34.3% to $14.87, making it one of the top DeFi projects?

Jupiter hits all-time high amid the market-wide correction

Bitcoin has fallen back to the $67,000 range, causing a market-wide downturn. Yet, Jupiter (JUP) has surprised many investors, remaining bullish and rising to an all-time high (ATH). Jupiter’s (JUP) market capitalization has also grown to $1.7 billion amid increased demand for its crypto trading services.

As of February 10, JUP traded at $0.505. It fell by 2.8% to $0.4904 on February 24. JUP rose by 29.3% to $0.6342 on March 3 before soaring by 107.4% to $1.3154 on March 16.

Jupiter (JUP) could rise further due to a new trading feature released on the exchange. On March 14, Jupiter (JUP) announced the release of Value average, a function that allows traders to make automatic investments based on price action. 

Jupiter’s (JUP) value average will buy more when prices fall and less when they increase. This functionality could attract more traders to Jupiter, possibly pushing JUP’s value up by 40.2% to $1.8455.

The gaming industry prepares for NuggetRush’s mining game

NuggetRush (NUGX) is both a game and a chance to belong to an Ethereum-based ecosystem passionate about artisanal mining. The project captures adventurous investors and individuals who love artisanal mining. NuggetRush (NUGX) presents GameFi benefits to investors willing to journey into its 3D ecosystem.

Furthermore, the game will make you an artisanal miner with mega ambitions. The game allows players to build businesses from their mining operations. It offers a marketplace with seamless P2P trading of resources and mining inventory. Furthermore, NuggetRush (NUGX) requires players to expand their operations to reach the top of its leaderboard.

Expanding your options translates to purchasing more land, equipment, and workforce. In return, you get more sellable resources alongside increased reward eligibility. NuggetRush (NUGX) gives players two options when it comes to NFT assets. Players can either sell them, looking to make a profit, or stake them in return for fixed APYs.

NuggetRush’s (NUGX) gaming adventures promise immense P2E benefits. Yet, NUGX will get listed before these gaming adventures are open to the general public. NUGX is currently in the launchpad round of its presale. It trades at $0.019. NUGX’s listing price is $0.020, a 5.2% pump from its current value. When its blockchain ICO ends, NUGX will have grown by 100%.

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