A total of 7,500 new voters have been registered for the forthcoming elections in June, Electoral Service head Menelaos Vasiliou said on Wednesday.

Speaking to the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), he explained that a total of 569,086 people are currently registered to vote in Cyprus, of whom 557,578 are on the permanent electoral roll.

He added that there is also a special electoral list for European Union citizens living on the island, who can vote in European and local elections. There are 11,559 EU citizens registered to vote in local elections, and 9,190 registered to vote in European parliament elections.

In addition, he said, the government also has a special electoral list for Turkish Cypriots who live in the north. That list currently has 82,925 names on it.

Eligible voters are able to register to vote until April 2, with all citizens of the Republic of Cyprus and citizens of the European Union who reside in Cyprus who are over the age of 18 on election day – those born on or after June 9, 2006 – will have the right to vote.

Those aged 25 years old and over are able to register online at elections.gov.cy.

Paper applications can be obtained from local offices of district administrations, Citizens’ Service Centres and post offices, and can also be downloaded from the Electoral Service’s website.

Last week, the Interior ministry urged would-be voters to “submit timely applications” to register to vote.

A total of eight elections are set to be held simultaneously on June 9, with this year’s European parliament elections coinciding with a myriad of local elections taking place in light of the recently passed local government reform.

Vasiliou said votes will be counted at polling stations, with the first results expected to begin to be announced around an hour and a half after voting closes at 6pm.