The leadership of President Nikos Christodoulides towards implementation of the humanitarian sea corridor to Gaza was highlighted in a letter by the US president.

The letter from President Joe Biden was delivered to Christodoulides by US National Security Council Chief of Staff Curtis Ried during a meeting held at the Presidential Palace on Tuesday night.

According to an announcement by the Presidency, “[Biden] among other things, singled out the leadership, vision and determination shown by Christodoulides towards implementation of the extremely important maritime corridor for the provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza from Cyprus.”

The letter also referred to the close relations Cyprus has with countries in the region, which were catalytic for the initiative.

Furthermore, Biden expressed his country’s readiness to actively support Cyprus in the “Amalthea” initiative and assures that the US would stand by Cyprus to manage the venture’s complexities.

Additionally, the letter noted that Biden has instructed the US military to lead an emergency mission to establish a temporary dock on the coast of Gaza, to facilitate and enhance the delivery of humanitarian aid intended for its civilian population.