Interior Minister Constantinos Ioannou hailed the imminent merger of the Dali and Pera Chorio-Nisou sewerage boards with the main one in Nicosia on Thursday, saying it is an important step in the local government reform.

Ioannou said that as of July 1, the sewerage boards of the area will be linked with the Nicosia.

He added that the link is expected to bring multiple benefits to the residents of the new municipality of South Nicosia-Dali, which will result from the merger of the municipality of Dali and the communities of Pera Chorio, Nisou, Alambra, Lympia and Potamia.

By implementing the relevant European Directive for the treatment of urban wastewater, residents are offered a better quality of service, and the necessary extensions of the sewerage networks are ensured “to meet our environmental objectives and the upgrading of public health”.