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Marriage in the UK: Understanding the fiance visa process

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Partners of British citizens or those with indefinite leave to remain can apply for leave to enter or remain under Appendix FM and Appendix FM(SE). Though the rules can be confusing, we aim to clarify common questions.

To apply for a fiancé visa UK, use the correct form and pay the fee and NHS surcharge. The form depends on the case. A successful Appendix FM application grants leave to enter or remain, allowing work but not public funds. After five years, one can apply for indefinite leave to remain, unless granted on “exceptional circumstances,” which follows indefinite leave to remain 10 years.

To succeed, applicants must meet suitability and eligibility criteria. Suitability considers character and reasons for admission. Eligibility involves the relationship, maintenance, accommodation, and English language proficiency, demonstrated in applications.

What is the Fiancé Visa?

The UK Fiancé Visa allows eligible foreign nationals over 18 to come to the UK to marry or enter a civil partnership with a British citizen or settled individual. Meeting specific criteria is necessary. Once granted, you have 6 months to marry or form a partnership. You can then apply for a Spouse Visa, allowing a stay of 33 months, extendable for another 30 months, leading to Indefinite Leave to Remain. Check our guide for switching from a fiancé Visa to a spouse visa for details.

What are the Fiancé Visa Requirements?

To be eligible for a UK Fiance Visa, you must meet the criteria set by UK Visas and Immigration:

  • Your partner is British or Irish, settled in the UK, possesses pre-settled status, holds a Turkish Businessperson or Turkish Worker visa, or has refugee status or humanitarian protection
  • Both of you are at least 18 years old
  • You have had an in-person meeting
  • Your relationship is genuine and ongoing
  • You plan to marry within six months of arriving in the UK
  • Previous relationships have ended permanently
  • You intend to reside together permanently in the UK
  • You will be financially supported in the UK without relying on public funds
  • Adequate lodging is provided for you and your dependents.
  • You speak English well enough

Depending on your circumstances, different restrictions may apply to getting a UK fiance visa. For individualized help, it is best to see an immigration attorney.

How to apply for a UK Fiancé Visa?

There are many procedures involved in applying for a fiance visa UK, all of which may be completed online via the Home Office website. Below is a more thorough explanation of each step:

  • Assess your eligibility. Check to see whether you qualify for a Fiance Visa. Seek advice from our family visa attorneys.
  • Gather necessary documents. Gather evidence of the relationship, your financial security, and the specifics of your housing.
  • Fill out the online application. Fill out the Home Office internet form as precisely as possible.
  • Pay the application fee. As per the current charge structure, pay the necessary amount.
  • Upload documents. Send in all required paperwork online.
  • Schedule a biometric appointment. Make arrangements for a picture shoot and fingerprinting.
  • Attend interview. Get ready and come if you’re invited.

How long can you stay in the UK on a Fiancé Visa?

Your Fiance Visa permits you to reside in the UK for the first six months after acceptance to finalize your marriage or civil partnership. You may apply for a Spouse Visa after being married. This kind of visa can be valid for up to 30 months and can be renewed for an extra 30 months. It’s critical to keep up your qualifying connection with your UK-based spouse. To prevent any changes to your residence status, make sure you submit your application for a spouse visa before the expiration of your present fiancé visa.

What if my Fiance Visé is refused

A spouse or partner visa application may be denied for several reasons, such as:

  • According to the Secretary of State, it would not be in the public interest to let the applicant into the UK.
  • At the time of application, the applicant violates a deportation order.
  • The applicant’s behavior, personality, or affiliations have led to the conclusion that it is in the public interest to exclude them from the UK.
  • The candidate does not show up for a needed interview, supply the requested information, consent to a medical examination, or submit the relevant reports without a valid explanation. It doesn’t matter whether the deception was done on purpose or not.
  • Medical considerations make entry clearance unattractive.
  • Other statutory taxes, such as the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), have not been paid.
  • There hasn’t been enough proof of accommodation or financial help offered.

If your partner or Fiance Visa application has been rejected, seek guidance from one of our immigration solicitors. They can provide advice on the appropriate steps to take to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for your case.


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