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Freedom Finance Europe: Fostering growth


“At Freedom Finance Europe, we’re not just driven by ESG principles; we’re motivated by a profound respect for Cyprus and its people. Our commitment to promoting Cyprus’ sports, culture, and business environment reflects our vision of fostering a sustainable sports ecosystem and enriching our community’s cultural landscape while promoting Cyprus as an innovative and business-friendly destination within the EU.”

Freedom Finance Europe is dedicated to making stock market investments understandable and accessible to everyone, aiming to provide the best investment solutions for its clients. It values deep knowledge of financial markets, integration of digital technologies, and action in the interests of its clients. This approach underlines its mission and goal, driving its commitment to excellence in the financial services sector.

Evgeniy Tyapkin is the Executive Director and Board Member of Freedom Finance Europe. He has been in Cyprus since 2014, joining Freedom Finance in 2017. Under his leadership, the company has grown significantly, reaching more than 250,000 retail clients across the EU. Mr Tyapkin has played a fundamental role in aligning the company’s operations with Cyprus’ regulatory requirements, transforming it into one of the largest European stock brokerage companies based in Cyprus. Currently, the Freedom24 ecosystem in Cyprus is comprised of two companies: Freedom Finance Europe for client services and Freedom Finance Technologies, focusing on the development and support of their proprietary trading platform used by various market participants.

Beyond his contributions to the financial industry, Mr Tyapkin is actively involved in supporting cultural and sports events in Cyprus, reflecting his belief in the importance of integrating art and culture into the community. This includes organising significant events like the final stage of the FIDE Women’s Chess Championship in Nicosia in May 2023, the Cyprus Open Chess Championship in February 2024, and the European Sailing Championship in November 2023, showcasing Cyprus’ potential as a vibrant cultural and sporting destination. Mr Tyapkin is a sailor himself, leading the Freedom sailing team, which has won numerous championships.

Freedom Finance Europe’s Approach to ESG

Can you elaborate on how Freedom Finance Europe integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into its business model?

Freedom Finance Europe prioritises various social responsibility and ethical governance initiatives, which do not come as part of a merely formal framework, so we cannot say that we are driven by ESG principles only. We are driven by our vision, which is rooted in deep respect for Cyprus and its people. We strongly believe that every commitment, whether to ESG principles, or any other impact-oriented framework, shall come from businesses’ sense of responsibility and respect towards the environment or people.

Our framework therefore is built around a genuine commitment to promoting the art, sports, and culture of Cyprus here and abroad.

This includes initiatives such as promoting chess and creating conditions for developing the talents of a new generation of chess players in Cyprus (in May 2023, in cooperation with FIDE International Chess Federation and the Cyprus Chess Federation, the company organised the fourth and decisive round of the FIDE Women’s Grand Prix in Nicosia. The tournament was the first top-level chess competition in the history of Cyprus). Just recently, we have co-organised the Cyprus Open Chess Championship in Limassol.

We are also actively involved in sailing, co-organising the 2023 European Championship FAREAST 28R, which became the largest regatta for this boat class ever held in Cyprus. On this note, we also support our employees’ interest in sailing: the company has four sailing teams, two women’s and two men’s. Our yachtsmen have been participating in the annual national championship organised by the Cyprus Sailing Federation for six years now, winning prizes in the Performance ORC Sports Boats class championship, which took place on June 24-25 and July 1-2 2023. All Freedom Finance Europe sailors are members of the Cyprus Sailing Federation and the Cyprus Sports Organisation.

Our company has also entered into a General Partnership agreement with the Cyprus football club Freedom24 Krasava ENY Digeni Ypsonas in July 2023. The strategic collaboration between the company and the football club is reflected in the updated team brand. This comes as part of our broader strategy to create a sustainable sports ecosystem in Cyprus, helping both professional athletes and young talents to find opportunities to develop their potential.

On the cultural front, Freedom Finance Europe, together with the Celebrity Gala art project, hosted the Freedom Celebrity Ballet Gala in October 2023, on the ancient stage of the Kourion Amphitheatre. Twelve international ballet stars from six of the world’s major theatres, gathered at this place of heritage to perform classical and contemporary ballet scenes.

Finally, the company hosts the Annual Financial Markets Forum (AFMF) in Cyprus, a platform for discussion and exchange between business leaders, government representatives and regulators. The most recent forum, held in Limassol in October 2023, focused on ways to transform Cyprus into the leading business centre of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Sustainable Investing

How is Freedom Finance Europe promoting sustainable investing among its clients?

Being a European brokerage company, Freedom Finance Europe promotes sustainable investing among its clients by offering a range of ESG-focused financial products and services that align with their values and objectives. This includes providing access to investment opportunities that prioritise environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance. Our analysts regularly suggest various investment ideas to our clients, including opportunities in promising green technologies and companies.

Supporting Local Communities

Can you discuss the impact of Freedom Finance Europe’s involvement in local cultural and sporting events on the local community?

We believe our involvement in local cultural and sporting events has a significant impact on the community. By participating in events such as the Freedom Celebrity Ballet Gala and partnering with both emerging and prominent Cypriot athletes, we contribute to the cultural vibrancy and social cohesion of Cyprus. These initiatives showcase the talent and heritage of our island to the world, fostering cultural enrichment and athletic talent development.

In what ways does the company ensure its social projects genuinely meet the needs of the local community?

To ensure that our social projects genuinely meet the needs of the cultural and athletic local communities, Freedom Finance Europe collaborates closely with cultural institutions and sports organisations.  We actively listen to community feedback and engage in ongoing dialogue to tailor our initiatives accordingly. By working hand-in-hand with local stakeholders, we aim to make a meaningful and positive impact on the areas we focus on, ensuring that our efforts address real community needs.

Employee Engagement in Social Projects

How does Freedom Finance Europe support the well-being and professional development of its employees?

Freedom Finance Europe supports the well-being and professional development of its employees by fostering a culture of support and personal growth. Our company bears Freedom in its name for a reason, as we strive to provide our teams with the freedom to innovate, create and take on ownership of their vibrant business projects.

Could you elaborate on the company’s approach to creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture?

The company promotes a supportive and inclusive workplace culture by prioritising teamwork, diversity, and work-life balance. Through open communication channels, mentorship programmes, and wellness initiatives, Freedom Finance Europe fosters a sense of belonging and mutual respect among employees. Our commitment to fostering a positive work environment has been recognised through various HR awards and certifications, including the Great Place to Work Certification. Internal research shows that 90 per cent of employees are happy with the work environment, development opportunities and transparency of communications.

Corporate Governance and Ethical Standards

How does Freedom Finance Europe ensure transparency and ethical practices within its corporate governance?

As a company operating in finance and investments, Freedom Finance Europe adheres to the highest standards of industry compliance and regulations. We strictly comply with MiFID II, the European regulatory regime with the highest level of investor protection in the world. Additionally, we maintain direct accounts with the International Central Securities Depository (ICSD) Euroclear and actively participate in the European Financial Markets Association (AFMF), contributing to the development of European capital markets regulation initiatives.

Being a trusted international brokerage company requires transparency and integrity, otherwise clients would not be confident to trust you with their funds. That is why the company prioritises accountability, fairness, and ethical conduct in all its operations. This commitment has contributed to the continuous growth of our customer base across the EU, which now exceeds 250,000 investors.

Social Responsibility and Cultural Events

How does Freedom Finance Europe assess the social impact of its cultural and sports sponsorships in Cyprus?

Freedom Finance Europe assesses the social impact of its cultural and sports sponsorships in Cyprus through a multifaceted approach. This includes gathering community feedback, conducting participant surveys, and qualitatively assessing engagement and participation levels. The company closely monitors the reach, resonance, and long-term effects of each sponsorship to evaluate its contribution to social cohesion, cultural enrichment, and community well-being.

Why does Freedom Finance Europe strongly emphasise supporting cultural events like the Freedom Celebrity Ballet Gala?

Freedom Finance Europe places strong emphasis on supporting cultural events like the Freedom Celebrity Ballet Gala because they play a crucial role in promoting artistic expression, cultural diversity, and creative innovation in Cyprus. By sponsoring and co-organising such events, we demonstrate our commitment to fostering cultural appreciation and preserving artistic heritage for future generations.

Developing Sports and Talents

In what ways does Freedom Finance Europe contribute to the development of sports and nurturing talents in Cyprus?

Freedom Finance Europe contributes to the development of sports and nurturing talents in Cyprus by providing financial support, infrastructure, and promotional opportunities to local sports clubs, athletes, and youth programmes. The company sponsors sporting events, organises training camps, and facilitates participation in national and international competitions.

Can you share insights on the long-term vision of the company’s involvement in sports like chess, sailing, and football?

The long-term vision of the company’s involvement in sports like chess, sailing, and football is to create a sustainable sports ecosystem that enables both professional athletes and young talents to thrive. By investing in grassroots development, talent identification, and infrastructure upgrades, Freedom Finance Europe aims to position Cyprus as a hub for sporting excellence and innovation.

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