The 2nd Cyprus Forum Cities, the largest local government conference in Cyprus, is set to be held in Limassol on April 18-19, 2024.

This forum is characterised by its commitment to fostering sustainable, green, and smart city environments, emphasising the construction of communities that are resilient to the challenges posed by climate change.

Moreover, it serves as a platform for high-level discussions on the holistic development of Municipalities and Communities, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Oxygen for Democracy, the Municipality of Limassol, and Tepak, ensuring participation is free.

Furthermore, the forum is set to explore critical questions, among others, regarding the significant role innovation plays in developing sustainable cities and how entrepreneurship can boost local development. It seeks to understand why technology acts as a catalyst in green mobility, enhancing urban and rural interconnectivity.


Additionally, the discussions will delve into how collaborations between public, private, and academic sectors, alongside civil society, can drive the digital transformation and evolution of smart cities. A particular focus will be on the influence of architecture in combating climate change and fostering communities that can withstand its impacts.

The Cyprus Forum Cities aims to consolidate the efforts of previous 2040 series events into a singular, expansive local government conference. By doing so, it brings together experts and technocrats from various fields to debate and devise strategies for a sustainable urban future and the modernisation of local governance.

The agenda of the forum is comprehensive, including debates on local government’s role in waste management, the promotion of the circular economy, and transforming waste into valuable resources.

Equally important, it will cover sustainable tourism standards, emphasising the crucial role of local communities in advocating for responsible tourism practices, protecting cultural heritage, and enhancing destination competitiveness.


In light of the upcoming European elections, the forum will also feature discussions on the EU’s impact on daily life, local self-governance, youth involvement in European policy-making, and Cyprus’s role within the EU. A noteworthy section will focus on the cultural capitals of Europe 2030.

This year, special emphasis is being placed on the debate surrounding the implementation of local government reform. This includes insights from current and future mayors, business sector representatives, and various institutions, alongside an analysis of the housing crisis. Attendees can also learn about the Limassol Cooling Challenge, which seeks innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from non-renewable energy sources used for cooling.

Nikolas Kyriakides, the vice president of Oxygono’s Board of Directors, said “The Cyprus Forum Cities aim to raise concerns, create discussions, and seek solutions for the challenges facing the urban and rural centres of Cyprus and to connect our cities with other cities internationally to exchange good practices in policy making”, concluding that “this year, the public will have the option of following some or a combination of discussion modules, depending on their particular interests”.