The time to abolish “Daylight Saving” is long overdue!

It makes no sense to deprive people of an hour’s sleep.

The number of heart attacks and other health issues increases when the clocks go forward one hour, and people are sleep deprived. There is an increase in car crashes, some lethal. Millions of people suffer and struggle to cope with the time change. Circadian rhythms are disrupted, causing some people real problems. It takes many people weeks, even months, to adjust to the new time change.

Getting up one hour earlier increases the risk of being bitten by mosquitoes, an increasing number of which are carrying dangerous diseases in Cyprus, as a result of global warming.

Prior to the pandemic the EU said it would allow member states to decide whether they wanted to abolish “Daylight Saving”. This is an acknowledgement of the destructive powers of this outdated event.


Liz Capaldi, author and animal behaviour researcher