The Cyprus Retail & Sales Awards 2023 saw Corina Snacks Ltd hailed as among the “best in the market”, given that the company received five honours. More specifically, Corina Snacks Ltd won a Gold Award in the “Successful Launch/Product Repositioning” category for its “Lay’s Iconic Restaurants” campaign, for which three Platinum Awards followed in the “Advertising Campaign”, “Digital Campaign” and “Adaptation of International Concept” – as well as a Grand Award in the “Supplier of the Year” category.

The laurels are hardly surprising given the fact that Lay’s has listened to consumers’ needs for decades, always innovating by enriching its product range continuously.

The “Lay’s Iconic Restaurants” campaign launched two unique flavours in the Cypriot market last March, namely: Lay’s KFC chips – KFC Original Recipe Flavour, and Lay’s Pizza Hut chips – Margarita Flavour.

The campaign required months of preparation and a holistic communication plan, including solid planning across all Corina Snacks departments, and coordination with the companies that collaborated in creating the products. The campaign also featured a surprise for consumers, who, if they bought both new Lay’s flavours, could benefit from discounted or free products from KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants, too.

As for the results of the campaign? They were impressive and, as such, foreshadowed the success that followed at the Cyprus Retail & Sales Awards 2023.

“We are very proud of these awards, as they honour the dedication and endless commitment of the entire Corina Snacks team,” stated Corina Snacks Ltd Senior Brand Manager Theodoros Polemitis.

“Special thanks go to our partners and customers for their decisive contribution to the successful launch of the ‘Lay’s Iconic Restaurants’ campaign,” he added. “We continue with even more passion for innovation, setting the bar ever higher!”

Corina Snacks fans are left anticipating what a brand that so loves taste challenges will rise to next, given that it knows how to win with every new product – as attested to at the Cyprus Retail & Sales Awards 2023!