Health Minister Michael Damianos on Monday received a fact-finding report over the medicine scandal in which he vowed he would act accordingly based on the findings.

The report comes after revelations that €880,000 worth of medicine was damaged on March 18 after bad weather flooded the warehouse.

To make things worse, it later emerged the warehouse was leased by the government for €6,600 a year and then subleased back to the state at more than 10 times the price, at €135,000.

Spokesman for the health ministry Demetris Constantinou said the minister received the report shortly after noon but the contents were not known yet.

It is a long report, for which Damianos has yet to study, he said.

Nonetheless, the minister will study the report duly and “act accordingly”, the spokesman said.

He added there is nothing more to be said publicly but once the report is complete, the ministry will take a stance.

Damianos has assured there are no shortages on medicines and there would be no problems.

“The ministry has the mechanisms both locally and internationally, to ensure the supply of medicine.”