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Solana drops 9.25%, Hitting biweekly low. Celestia & Injective Rival poised for success


The highest-performing altcoin in the market, Solana (SOL), has experienced a significant decline over a single day of trading, alarming investors. This plunge caused concern after being noted as the lowest level in its biweekly chart. Although the token has changed its direction towards a more positive stance, investors took to the Celestia (TIA) and Injective (INJ) rival, InQubeta (QUBE), for a better chance at benefiting from the current market trajectory.

InQubeta is a top-rated altcoin offering a platform that merges the artificial intelligence and blockchain industries. This cryptocurrency has been projected to gain from the AI boom, attracting investors to its exciting features, which offer portfolio diversity and investments to all types of users. This article explores InQubeta, the INJ and TIA rival on the DeFi crypto list while highlighting Solana’s recent dip amid a market correction.

InQubeta (QUBE): Benefitting from the AI revolution 

A new ICO in its presale stage, InQubeta, has grown popular as investors gain interest in its offerings. Its brilliance lies in its equity-based NFTs, which enable users to participate in AI-driven ventures’ success. This innovative emerging crypto allows investors to hold fractional investments in AI tech startups, promoting a mutually beneficial ecosystem where investors and startups thrive. 

InQubeta is revolutionizing the investment landscape with trending NFTs, offering an unparalleled blockchain crowdfunding experience. With this model, everyone wins, and the AI industry will grow, aided by the transformative power of blockchain technology. The emerging crypto has also gained prominence for its security, as confirmed by Hacken and Block Audit.

The project’s native token, QUBE, is poised for revival as more investors flock to the presale. Over $13.4 million has been raised, and over 964 million tokens have been sold. The token has risen by 300% from a starting price of $0.007 and is now selling at $0.028. With a Uniswap listing set to occur in a few days, the price of this new ICO is predicted to surge even higher than its proposed $0.0308 launch price.

Solana (SOL): Transaction failures lowering sentiment

Solana plummeted by 9.25% in a single day recently, hitting $168, its lowest recorded price point in two weeks. While some investors began to panic, analysts quickly reassured them of this slight downward trajectory aligning with the negative trend in the broader crypto market, which saw a 3.8% dip on the same day. SOL has regained its balance since, trading above the $170 mark.

The potential adjustments of interest rates by the Federal Reserve are also causing skepticism and adding to the drop in SOL’s price. These reports highlight possible transaction failure on the network, reinforced by Dune Analytics’ data, which revealed over 75% of non-vote meme coin transactions failing, the highest failure rate ever recorded. Helius’ CEO, Mert Mumtaz has contradicted this narrative, crediting most of the failures on the Solana chain to bot spamming.

Celestia (TIA): Negative market outlook hindering surge

The market outlook for the TIA token could be more promising despite previous patterns. Many investors have expected a surge following its dump of nearly 28% in mid-March, hoping the token would have a repeat performance. The platform recently launched Blobstream, a Data Availability (DA) solution on Arbitrum One that is attracting attention to its network. According to Santiment data, Celestia is facing strong negative sentiment, which could affect its potential to rally this month. 

Injective (INJ): Resilience against bearish price movements

Despite its small surge earlier this year, INJ has declined, with the bears gaining control of its market. The unique layer 1 blockchain has dropped by over 19% in the past month, pushing investors seeking promising potential around the BTC halving out of the door. Its rejection at $53 triggered a 40% plunge, which the project is still struggling to come back from. Its recent Ionic Upgrade is putting more attention on Injective. While some analysts are convinced that the token’s price would remain indifferent to this development, others hint at a possible upward trend if the token breaks out above $40 and $45.


Solana witnessed a sharp downturn as its prices plummeted due to negative market sentiment and failing transactions. While many top altcoins have risen despite the recent market correction, Celestia and Injective have declined increasingly over the past month. These tokens have given way to a new rival with a massive growth trajectory, InQubeta, which is poised to overtake and affirm its position on the DeFi crypto list

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