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TON launches Memelandia Hub, NuggetRushTo outperforms Pepe as Airdrop anticipation rise



  • Toncoin’s TON has released a new project called Memelandia Hub that aims to promote new meme coins.
  • Pepe coin is ranging on the price chart with a monthly loss of 24.89%.
  • NuggetRush has recorded a 90% surge in its presale and could hit $0.10 after its airdrop. 

Toncoin has launched a new project called Memelandia Hub. This project is designed to foster the growth of new meme coins within the community. Meanwhile, the value of Pepe coin has dropped 24.89% in the past month. On the other hand, NuggetRush has seen a 90% surge in its presale, positioning it as one of the best presale tokens to buy. 

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NuggetRush (NUGX): Investors looking forward to $0.10

NuggetRush (NUGX) is a new project that has given early investors an ROI of 100% after its value jumped from $0.010 to $0.020 during its cryptocurrency ICO. Apart from the gains, investors also showed their love and interest in NuggetRush by raising $3.8 million in funding. 

NuggetRush will deliver a 100% ROI after it is listed at $0.020, and the altcoin price has been forecasted to hit $0.10 after its upcoming airdrop. Let’s look at another part of the NuggetRush platform – the gold mining game. NuggetRush is building a gold mining game where players can mine gold, as the name suggests. 

Apart from gold, they can mine other precious minerals like diamonds and silver, which they can sell to make cool cash. For those who want to get the gold, all they have to do is search for trending NFTs called RUSHGEMs. 

These NFTs are the only ones that can be converted to real gold, making them the best NFTs to invest in as a player. This opportunity to have real gold makes NuggetRush a good project to consider either as a newbie or a professional gamer. 

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Toncoin (TON) launches Memelandia Hub for Meme coin developers

The Open Network (TON) blockchain team has launched Memelandia, a hub designed to support meme coin developers. This initiative is part of an incentive program aimed at drawing attention to new meme coins. It is also aimed at creating a sustainable and active community. 

The Memelandia website has a real-time leaderboard where projects are ranked according to different metrics like TVL and others. Meanwhile, TON’s Toncoin had dropped 9.1% on the weekly chart after a long period. Nevertheless, it still has gains of 59.8% on the monthly price charts.

Pepe (PEPE) price struggles to regain bullish momentum

Pepe (PEPE), one of the best memecoins to buy, has experienced massive price fluctuations in the past month, with a loss of 24.89%. The price of the meme coin has been ranging between $0.000004037 and $0.000009177. However, bulls have formed a support at the $0.000005 level.

Assuming that PEPE bulls are able to maintain this level, Pepe coin could hit the $0.000006 level and, following that, the $0.000007 level. However, Pepe’s price could fall to $0.000004661 and then to $0.000004211 if the bearish pressure continues.

Final thoughts 

The TON team has taken a step to promote new meme coins with its new Memelandia Hub. Meanwhile, NuggetRush has seen a 100% increase in price while Pepe’s price has dropped. Interestingly, NuggetRush is one of the low marketcap tokens in the market. This makes it a good crypto to buy.

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