The new official residence being constructed for Ersin Tatar is a “symbol of the strength of the TRNC’s democracy”, Turkish Ambassador in Nicosia Metin Feyzioglu said on Tuesday.

Speaking during a tour of the under-construction complex, located in Ayios Dhometios, he said Turkish Cypriots will “be much more closely linked” with their leader once the building is complete.

The complex is located across 400,000 square metres of land, and as well as an official residence for Turkish Cypriot leaders will also include a new building for the north’s ‘parliament’, which is currently located in the former Dianellos cigarette factory in northern Nicosia’s Koskluciftlik neighbourhood.

Ersin Tatar himself also took a tour of the complex, saying that the project will send “a great message to the world un terms of the Turkish Cypriots’ will, independence, and ability to govern themselves.”