A meeting was held this week in Guangzhou, China, which brought together the Deputy Minister of Shipping, Marina Hadjimanolis, the president of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Keve) Stavros Stavrou, and the President of COSCO Shipping Bulk Co. Ltd, Jerry Chen, with the presence of the Ambassador of Cyprus in Beijing, Frances-Galatia Lanitou Williams.

During this important gathering, various ways to develop cooperation in the shipping sector were discussed. This was particularly timely following the keen interest shown by Jerry Chen in the advantages of the Cyprus flag and Cyprus in general as a fully developed maritime cluster.

Consequently, it was mutually agreed to explore ways of creating synergies that would help develop the economies of both Cyprus and China.

Meanwhile, Hadjimanolis expressed her enthusiasm, saying she was “truly pleased and honoured to participate in the events on the occasion of the naming of ‘AAL Limassol’ in Guangzhou, China.”

She continued “We are extremely proud to welcome this new vessel to the Cyprus’ Registry of Ships, which will expand the fleet under AAL Shipping that flies the Cyprus flag.”

She further highlighted the contributions of Schoeller and the support of the Cyprus government. “On behalf of the Cyprus government, and especially President Nikos Christodoulides, I thank you for the trust and the continuous support of the Cyprus flag”, she said.

She concluded by emphasising the significant role of Schoeller, stating that “Schoeller’s contribution to the development and growth of Cyprus shipping in general, is indeed remarkable and without doubt, he is one of the best ambassadors of Cyprus shipping worldwide”.