The police said on Saturday they are conducting “intensive investigations” into a hooligan tit-for-tat which took place on Thursday night in Limassol.

CCTV footage from local properties is being reviewed after four televisions were broken during outbreaks of vandalism at the indoor arenas of Limassol sports clubs Apollon and Ael.

Police said they are investigating the possibility that the rivalry between the sports clubs may have been a motivating factor behind the incidents.

A total of four televisions were broken during the incidents, which began when between 15 and 20 people entered the concourse of Apollon’s indoor arena wearing balaclavas. They broke one television and also smashed glass panes in three offices.

Later in the same evening, they said, a group of people entered the canteen of Ael’s indoor arena and broke three televisions while also smashing a glass door.

In addition, police said three vehicles were damaged, while photographs of the scene showed multiple chairs and a bin upturned.