Cyprus team set record for highest fitness session

The mountaineering team that left Cyprus last month for Nepal has set a new Guinness World Record for the highest altitude fitness session ever conducted.

The record-breaking feat took place on May 6 at the summit of Mera Peak, an impressive 6,476 metres above sea level.

Led by seasoned mountaineer Alexis Economides, the owner of Peak Condition and Peak World Adventures in Limassol, the team consisted of six people: Trevor Jones, Evgenia Konstantinou, and four sherpa guides from Nepal who were trained by Economides before the attempt.

The fitness session comprised a mix of squats, pushups, planks and other exercises that lasted at least 30 minutes in order to be officially recognised.

The team’s journey began weeks before the record attempt, with rigorous training sessions held in Cyprus to prepare for the gruelling conditions of the Himalayas. Upon arrival in Nepal, the group undertook a multi-day trek, gradually acclimatising to the high altitude before reaching the base of Mera Peak.

feature mountain alexis economides,trevor jones and evgenia konstantinou

Alexis Economides, Trevor Jones and Evgenia Konstantinou

“Training at such a high altitude was incredibly challenging,” said Economides. “Every step required immense effort, and the thin air made it difficult to breathe, let alone perform high-intensity exercises. But our team’s spirit and determination carried us through.”

On the morning of May 6, after a final push to the summit, the team set up their fitness session against the breathtaking backdrop of the Himalayan peaks.

“Standing on top of Mera Peak and working out at that altitude was an experience unlike any other, it was surreal,” Jones said.

“It was physically demanding, but the sense of achievement was overwhelming.”

Constantinou echoed the sentiments, adding that “the record was not just about fitness.”

“It’s about pushing boundaries and showing what we are capable of when we work together and stay committed to our goals.”

During the descent, the team was forced to take shelter for a few hours due to adverse weather conditions.

After three days in which none of the mountaineers could move, they eventually made it down safely.

“We are some of the lucky ones,” Econmides said. “Others have not been so lucky on the mountain.”

The team left a flag on the peak of the mountain in memory of an ex sherpa guide that worked with the team and died on the same mountain five months ago from altitude sickness.

Looking ahead, Economides and his team plan to continue their exploration of extreme altitudes as well as pushing the limits of physical endurance.

“We aim to promote physical health and resilience through unique and inspiring events, encouraging others to break out of their comfort zones and embrace the spirit of adventure,” he said.

The endeavour was sponsored by Trutek, Bitramp Technologies, Stratus, AWOL, Peak Condition, Peak World Adventures and Castle Auctions.