The anticipated altcoin season is around the corner, with top altcoins such as Ethereum already heading to the moon. While the goal of investors is to make money from their investments, it is necessary to invest in high-potential altcoins that can guarantee profits in the future. Based on crypto experts’ analysis of the market trend, Near Protocol, Helium and Rollblock are some of the altcoins that can turn average investors into millionaires in the coming months. With Helium and Near Protocol witnessing massive rallies in the past year, Rollblock is opening up the $450B gambling industry through its AI-driven GambleFi ecosystem.

Rollblock projected to make top 10 Altcoin list in Q4

Having started the presale on a strong footing, Rollblock has attracted whales who are now accumulating the altcoin ahead of the projected rally. Although the presale is just in stage 2, there are speculations that RBLK will list across CEX exchanges in Q3. As such, most Rollblock price predictions tip the coin to gain 100x on the listing, making it one of the top altcoins to buy now. 

Meanwhile, the Rollblock native token, RBLK, is sold for $0.012. Early buyers have gotten 20% returns after the price moved up. So far, the team has raised over $360,000, which could increase to over $1M in May. As the world’s first backed casino and P2E token, users can stake RBLK for returns and convert it to other cryptos or fiat currencies. It is the primary avenue for sharing rewards, cashbacks, etc. 

Notably, the Rollblock platform is fully licensed and operational. The team has unveiled amazing features. The revenue-sharing model is one of the best. According to the platform, up to 30% of the casino’s weekly revenue is used to buy back tokens from the open market. Of that, 50% will  be used as a staking rewards, and the other 50% is burned to stabilize the RBLK price and decrease the overall supply. This could result in millions of dollars of RBLK being purchased every month, making it one of the most deflationary assets on the market.

Regarding security, all transactions in Rollblock are permanent and immutable, making it impossible to alter bets when placed. All transactions are also encrypted using the latest blockchain technology. With its numerous features, notable analysts are foreseeing more adoption of the RBLK token, which could push it into the top 10 altcoin list of 2024.

Near Protocol price prediction – Is $20 possible in 2024

Near protocol (NEAR) has been one of the best-performing cryptos across the altcoin market in the past 12 months. The token has gained a massive 390% in the past year, showcasing wide acceptance across the crypto market. The Near Protocol price has increased by 15% in the past month based on CoinMarketCap data. 

Meanwhile, the Near Protocol market sentiment is bullish, with the token trading above the 200-day EMA. Having overcome the $7.75 key resistance level, the token could retest the $8.5 mark in the coming weeks. A successful breakout could push the price to $20 in Q3. According to top crypto analyst Crypto Patel, the token price could surge to $49 based on Elliott wave analysis. As such, NEAR is one of the altcoins to invest in for long-term gains. 

Helium price projected for massive returns in 2024

Barely a few weeks after Helium announced a mobile wallet update, the HNT price has continued to surge. According to CoinMarketCap, the Helium price has increased by 15% in the past month, moving from the lows of $3.4 to the highs of $5.5. At the same time, the Helium market cap is closer to $1B. 

Zooming in, the Helium Fear and Greed index is show Greed (66) to signal buy signal. With the Helium market sentiment signaling bullish signs, the token is on course to do 5x in the coming weeks. For investors looking for low cap altcoins to invest, Helium is one of the altcoins that can turn average investors to millionaires in 2024. 

Helium vs Near Protocol vs Rollblock, Which one to buy?

The three altcoins are on course to return massive profits in the coming months. However, while Helium and Near Protocol are trading above $1, Rollblock’s cheap price makes it easier to accumulate. Also, coupled with the fact that Rollblock’s presale is still in its early stage, now might be the best time to invest in the altcoin before it lists on CEX exchanges.
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