Whoever thought up the idea of locating the EMEL bus station in the heart of a Limassol residential area needs to come and see the issues it is causing. 

From around 4am we have the arrival of the drivers who find it necessary to greet the security guard either vocally or with a quick sound of the horn.

Then all the buses start their departure roaring out of the compound as if they are on the Formula One start line with scant regard for any other traffic which may be using the road. 

This is already a busy street with a dentist’s practice, an old people’s home and a medical scan clinic, all causing parking issues, but now we have the buses in and out all day long. 

This is supposedly a temporary home for EMEL, but already a metal structure has been built and now concrete foundations for who knows what are being laid. Does not feel temporary to us. 

Petitions have already been signed and discussions with the municipality taken place to no effect. 

How are we supposed to live now we have the onset of summer and the need to have windows opened for ventilation. Every few minutes the TV or radio can scarcely be heard for the arrival or departure of a bus. 

Sometimes the voice of the security guard at around 4:15am sounds like he is in the bedroom with us.