Some companies participating in the Photovoltaics for All plan are not offering the requisite seven-year guarantee to their customers, the Cyprus Consumers’ Association said on Monday.

The government had stipulated during the plan’s rollout that all solar panel providers would have to offer a seven-year guarantee of the efficacy of the systems they are selling under the plan.

This was done to ensure the solar panels installed maintain at least a base level of productivity, allowing for the requisite amount of energy to be produced and thus for consumers to be able to make savings on their energy bills.

The association advised all those considering partaking in the Photovoltaics for All scheme to “carefully check” the offer given to them, and to email the association at [email protected] in the event a seven-year guarantee is not explicitly offered.

The government allocated a total budget of €30 million for the first year of the scheme, which was rolled out earlier this year.

At the current prices for solar panels, that figure is estimated to be enough to fund the installation of solar panels on between 5,000 and 6,000 houses.

The Photovoltaics for All plan is part of a five-pronged government scheme to encourage the installation of solar panels on and greater energy efficiency for buildings across the island.

The other related plans include grants for people living in mountainous areas, people in vulnerable households, and subsidies for roof insulation.

Under the scheme, if a household installs solar panels and roof insulation, they will be eligible for a €750 one-off bonus.