Concerts by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra this week will look a little different as the orchestra leaves concert halls behind and switches up locations. As part of its community outreach programme, the orchestra will perform three concerts for sensitive groups of society and spread the joyful vibes of its music-making through a selection of the most radiant romantic music.

Its first concert on Wednesday is at the American Medical Centre. Musicians will set up their instruments at the Centre’s entrance hall to perform live at 10am. Then on Friday, the orchestra will travel to Paphos for an evening concert at Tala Amphitheatre starting at 8pm.

A day before that, prisoners and staff at Nicosia’s central prisons will get to enjoy the special repertoire the orchestra has prepared which will include pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn, Gioacchino Rossini, Edward Elgar, Nikos Skalkottas, Johannes Brahms and Stelios Pissis. All three concerts will be conducted by the promising young Cypriot maestro Andreas Asiikkis in his debut with the CySO.

More concerts will follow in June as the orchestra collaborates with young musicians on stage, legendary artists from the Cuban music scene in a charity concert and pianists to celebrate international composers.

CySO Outreach Concerts

Free concerts by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. May 29. American Medical Centre, Nicosia. 10am. May 30. Central Prisons, Nicosia. May 31. Tala Amphitheatre, Paphos. 8pm. Tel: 22-463144,